vs Team Dignitas - Run'em Over
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What can we find in ZionSpartan's champion ocean? A great Olaf pickup helped contribute to a near flawless tower victory against Team Dignitas over the course of the summer split. If it wasn't for a large pesky minion wave, CLG would not have given up a single tower against Dignitas in their two games against them. CLG has run away with games towards the end of this split, often keeping the early game close - and then punishing teams once it hits mid-game. True to form, CLG traded blows with Dignitas until a key dragon fight where Xmithie stole a dragon and escaped with a sliver of health. The team seemed to back off until Aphromoo re-engaged with a flash pulverize, giving CLG four kills and a lead to snowball. 

vs Team 8 - All the CC, All the Slows
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The team wanted to ended it in style and to end it quickly. When was the last time you saw a player solo-kill another before the laning phase even started? ZionSpartan brought out the Olaf once again, which obviously caught Calitrlolz off guard. Calitrlolz did not respect Olaf's ability to throw an axe, pickup, and continuously deal damage at level one and gave First Blood to ZionSpartan. Once Doublelift was able to grab Iceborn Gauntlet, CLG was able to start a teamfight on their own terms and chase down Team 8 indefinitely. Pobelter could start a fight with a gold card, Xmithie could Explosive Cask, and ZionSpartan could flank with Ghost. The amount of pressure CLG placed on Team 8 could be felt through the screen. After diving tower after tower, CLG ended the game with a very clean 13.4k gold lead in twenty seven minutes.

vs Team Liquid - A Swing, a Hit, and a Miss
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Work with what you know. The team showed off their high-execution pick composition and almost came away with the win. But almost doesn't cut it in any competitive game or sport. After a series of mistakes and lapses in communication, Team Liquid took a convincing victory over CLG for the first place tiebreaker. IWDominate created a lot of inital map pressure with the flavor-of-the-month and heroine-of-the-early-game-junglers Nidalee. CLG fought back with an extremely impressive display from Pobelter's Twisted Fate and a heroic Chum the Waters that latched onto Piglet. Pobelter pulled out a deck of only gold cards that gave CLG four kills and an inner tower. It went mostly downhill from there however, as CLG did not get the perfect engages and favorable picks that they got in that one teamfight. It was an exciting preview of what may be the final matchup at Madison Square Garden one month down the road.

Photo Credit: Riot Games / flickr