We’re excited today to announce the arrival of our new CEO, Devin “Mylixia” Nash. Mylixia will be working with George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis and CLG staff to help execute Hotshot’s greater vision of CLG.  George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis will be moving up to President/Owner of Counter Logic Gaming.

CLG has a place in the hearts of many of you. You’ve supported us through a lot of ups and downs. We’ve maintained a strong presence in e-sports. We’ve grown a lot over the last year while e-sports has also seen many changes.

For CLG to continue onward and be competitive, we’ll need to evolve our business and address some age old issues.

  1. We need to develop the proper systems to be a competitive business as e-sports evolves. This means a focus on infrastructure that supports and grows top players.

  2. We need to connect to our roots, and interact on a deeper level with our supporters. This means better communication and a focus on bringing you closer to what’s happening at CLG.

Mylixia has a strong background in leadership that we need to develop as a business. Mylixia’s primary role will be in executing HotshotGG’s vision of the company. He will take on most of the infrastructure and internal building blocks to maintain and grow CLG as a great, progressive company.

Mylixia had this to say about joining CLG:

“I’m honored to be invited to such a progressive organization. CLG has won my heart with its unique culture and its vision to help the people involved in e-sports to grow. My primary focus is always on the personal development of other beings and organizations. CLG has amazing potential to direct the path of e-sports towards a greater good for the industry and the world. I’m here to challenge this organization and industry to be the strongest it can be.”




HotshotGG will take on the imperative role of connecting CLG back to its supporters. You’ll begin to see more of him on Twitch. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with him on a personal level. As President / Owner, he’ll oversee the birds-eye direction of CLG. He’ll be the final call on CLG’s business direction.

HotshotGG had this to say about the transition:

“What I’ve always loved about being a part of CLG is engaging with the people who support us. For the last year I had to focus on new challenges that come from being a growing business. Because of that I lost connection with the public. CLG is finally at the point where I feel comfortable appointing a CEO so I can go back to the roots. I want to get connected back to the public and the industry. I want to be here to help show you what CLG is about, and be a large part of our community.”




We don’t want to only create great players at CLG. We want to help players grow into great people. We’re in the process of developing comprehensive physical and mental programs to help our players become the strongest versions of themselves. We think e-sports is underutilizing its resources to create positive change. Through the audiences that e-sports drives we can organize events that make an impact on the industry and world as a whole.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from CLG in the coming months. More news and updates are ahead. Head over to https://www.reddit.com/r/CLG/comments/3g2362/meta_clg_changes_qa/, the official CLG subreddit. We’ve already created a Megathread for HotshotGG and Mylixia to take your questions.