Hey CLG Fans!

This weekend is big as our League of Legends team takes on TSM in the NA LCS Finals at Madison Square Garden and our CS:GO team will be trying their best to fight through the top 16 teams in the world in the biggest CS:GO major yet! We know that you have been asking for more CLG merchandise to support the teams and we are happy to not only announce the addition of several items to the store, but a sale to support our teams that will be fighting hard at MSG and the Laxness Arena!

All items will be discounted by 5% with the code "CLGFIGHTING", not just our new items.  So take a look at our new items, browse through the old ones, and get prepared to represent CLG with all that swag at future events! The new CLG.Blue and CLG.Red hoodies are limited editions, so if you're on the fence you'll have to be quick before they're all gone! All orders for the new merchandise will be pre-orders as they will not come in stock until around the first week of September.

Take a look below for a quick preview of the new merchandise. Otherwise head on over to the store.

The New Store Items