We’re elated to announce that Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero is approved for his VISA. Xmithie is preparing with the team to fly to compete as our starting jungler in the Worlds 2015 Group Stages.

Getting this VISA approved was an against-all-odds scenario. Several authorities and legal counsel told us it was impossible to accomplish. Our staff, particularly Devin “Mylixia” Nash and Matthew “Mattcom” Marikian worked day and night to see the process through.

Several members of the community reached out to us after the announcement that Jake’s VISA wasn’t possible to complete in the time allotted. These people were instrumental in advising and rushing the process at critical areas to get it completed. We couldn’t have done this VISA without them and Xmithie wouldn’t have gone to group stages.

We are so grateful for their help and wanted to list them below:

  • Paolo Bago from the Philippine Esport Organization

  • Michal Meduna from the European Commission

  • Also the Philippine Esports Team, Philippine Senator Bam Aquino and his office, and Norman E. Cualteros.

  • Our local advisor Joyluck

We’re now waiting on Xmithie’s VISA application for the United Kingdom. This process is separate from the French VISA and isn’t guaranteed. We have a good handle on it, but if anyone from the community works within the U.K. Policy Commission and thinks they can lend a hand, please feel free to get in contact with us. We don’t think we need help to move forward, but we want to give Xmithie any advantage possible to proceed to Quarterfinals.

Thank you CLG supporters for sticking with us through this. We’re grateful for the communities desire to help and support Xmithie through this challenge.