Chris Ehrenreich Released as Head Coach

Counter Logic Gaming is announcing today that Chris Ehrenreich has been released as the head coach of the League of Legends team. CLG is one of the most storied organizations in competitive League of Legends history. There have been highs and lows, but the organization wants to move forward building upon a set of values that include a strong work ethic, loyalty, and trust between the players, staff, and management. We believe that this culture will help us grow and succeed as a team. Unfortunately, there was a deviation from this culture and a breach of trust. While CLG can not delve any further into the matter, the organization believes that a new head coach will be necessary to support the team in the future. We would like to thank Chris for his contributions in helping the team reach new heights and sharing great moments with us. We hope he can learn from this experience and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Devin "Mylixia" Nash further elaborates on the reasons behind the decision:

"This message is to clarify the decision to release Chris as Head Coach.

The decision to ask a staff member to step down is never simple. Chris and I worked together for several months on a transparent improvement plan to keep his relationship with the company on track. The nature of that plan is confidential to respect Chris. The results of it led to unsatisfactory outcomes and our eventual request for him to step down. It speaks to Chris’s character that he was willing to improve himself from the beginning. He acknowledged our concerns, took diligent notes, and showed signs of progression. In time the nature of the issues regarding his performance and conduct became insurmountable. It puts me in an awkward position to comment on an issue that, in my opinion, shouldn’t be a public issue. But such is the nature of our world today. A breach of the values that George and I uphold in CLG occurred and a relationship of employment with Chris couldn’t continue.

That said; Chris was undoubtedly a part of the team’s success this year. He once told me while standing on stage at Madison Square Garden that he felt he didn’t deserve to be there. I mentioned that I felt the same about myself at that moment. I stand by the belief that he did deserve to stand there. Chris made contributions to this organization that were critical to our victory this year. My hope is that he utilizes his experience in CLG to carry on his career in e-sports towards the advancement of the industry.

Thank you CLG community for your support regarding this decision."