Tony "Zikzlol" Gray Named Head Coach

CLG is pleased to announce that former Strategic Coach Tony "Zikzlol" Gray has been elevated to the head coach of our LCS team. Tony has been a long time member of the CLG organization, working as an analyst and coach for the past three years. Throughout those years he has developed his skills as an analyst and grown under the wings of Montecristo, Scarra, and Chris Ehrenreich. We could not be more happy to have him with us as our new head coach.

"I look forward to Tony being our head coach. I'm confident in his ability from learning under him during his time as our strategic coach. He's smart, a hard worker, and earned the respect of everyone here."

-  Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black

Tony has a wealth of experience as a coach and analyst in western esports relative to his peers. He first worked with CLG privately as an analyst in 2013, helping various players work on their gameplay and improving their macro knowledge. In 2014 after a short break, he was given the opportunity to work directly as an in-house analyst giving insight on picks/bans and contributing to the dominant early game the team was known for throughout the LCS year. Tony has shown an incredible work ethic and over the course of time earned the respect of the players and staff. He was able to effectively manage the players and our extensive group of analysts over the last several months in 2015 and was critical in our victory at Madison Square Garden.

Starting next year, Coach Tony will start his fourth year working in esports and his growth cannot be overstated. CLG will be opening applications in the near future for an assistant coach position to support him. With the massive shift in the meta expected for next year, we are confident that Tony and his support staff will be able to help prepare our team for success. Although he may not be unfamiliar to our fans, we hope everyone will still give him another warm welcome.

"Tony is the epitome of a dedicated and effective person. He works day and night to propel CLG towards success. He always looks for ways to improve every area of his life. He's consistently grown in his nearly three years here. I look up to Tony for his work ethic. He possesses a total commitment to mastery that approaches being without equal in this industry.

It's an honor to see him leading our LCS team from here on."

- Devin "Mylixia" Nash, CEO