"The dream came true, it's actually all because of everyone."

It took a while, everyone wanted it, and today we're officially announcing it. Welcome Zac "SFAT" Cordoni to the Counter Logic Gaming family!

SFAT is one of the top NorCal Smash Melee players alongside his teammate Kevin "PewPewU" Toy. Individually he has had multiple top 8 finishes in major tournaments with a plethora of top 16 placings. PewFat, the name for the dynamic NorCal duo, have placed first in doubles at the recent Smash Summit and prestigious EVO 2015. Just last weekend they took first at Super Smash Sundays doubles tournament without dropping a single game. We are incredibly excited to have SFAT on board to round out our Smash squad and also forming the first official doubles team in Smash.

I feel ecstatic about joining CLG. I turned down a lot of different offers because I wanted to make sure the team I joined truly fit me, and I feel CLG is that team. Going into 2016, I look forward to growing my personal brand along side CLG and taking my competitive Smash career as far as I can go. 

- SFAT, on joining CLG



For those not familiar with the Smash scene, there's a history behind CLG's Melee duo and a reason why they are considered two of the best players in NorCal. Over ten years ago SFAT met PewPewU in 6th grade during math class. "We were okay friends, but once we learned that each of us played Melee, our friendship grew even more," SFAT said in an interview with RedBull. "Every Friday we would go to someone's house with a bunch of our friends and play Melee. Over the years, our friends slowed down on the Melee grind, but Kevin and I never stopped playing."

SFAT (Right) and PewPewU (Left) at Genesis 1 in 2009

They competed with one another, learned from each other, and even helped each other find their main characters to this day. SFAT, before he became really well known, was initially a Jigglypuff player (where he also got his name because he and his friend would joke around that Jigglypuff was "so fat."). He moved on to play Marth while PewPewU was playing Fox. In their search to find weaknesses and learn each other's characters they found that they actually liked the other character more. To this day, SFAT is now known for his excellent Fox play. It took a lot of time grinding games versus PewPewU and getting better, but SFAT has made his mark in the competitive Smash scene after watching players like Mango and Korean DJ compete in the late 2000's.


Opening Night At Foundry 74 - SFAT and PewPewU

"We went to SoCal, for SSS anyways, we went to SoCal and a lot of people thought we went there for SSS and whatnot, but in reality we went down there to seal the deal with CLG," PewPewU started off, explaining SFAT's journey to joining CLG.

"And it was amazing!" replied SFAT. "Visiting the CLG house was really great because I got to meet many of the other CLG players from different games. It was incredibly fun seeing so many of the other team members interested in Smash. I was able to play a few games with Darshan, and Diane and I got to crush Hazed and Kevin in some sick teams. The best part of visiting the house was for sure being surrounded by such positive team spirit. I could really tell all the players are true competitors and the staff only wants to help the players become not only the best competitors they can be, but also the best people they can be."

Darshan and NAKAT enjoying Smash 4 together at the CLG house.

They both tried their hardest to hide the fact SFAT was officially a soon-to-be CLG member, but SFAT apparently doesn't have the best poker face. "Probably about fifteen of the SoCal players were like 85% sure that you were getting signed," PewPewU said laughing.

"They were like 'where are you guys staying?' and Kevin would be like oh 'I'm staying at the CLG house, but Zac is staying at Tafokints house.'"

"Yea Zac is a terrible liar," added PewPewU. "So like a lot of the times I'd [be the one to] have to lie through my teeth and tank the lies, I [wasn't] as invested in the answer as Zac [was]."

"I'd just try not to give it away by smiling."

"I definitely caught you smiling one time."

SFAT showing off his CLG swag along side PewPewU in his first CLG appearance at Foundry 74.

Twitter Woes

The move to CLG didn't go as smoothly as planned though. "Oh someone stole my Twitter handle dude!" SFAT shouted, the only real downer to his night. "What do I do about that? How do I get it back from him?"

PewPewU just gave him the look. "We were definitely in the car, or in the plane, and sitting right there and I said 'Zac when you get home I need you to make a Twitter handle that holds CLG_SFAT.'"

SFAT groaned, "Dude you literally should have told me to do it when we landed, I could have done it when we landed."

"Yea you know I should have reminded you or something, but..."

"Yea it's my fault, it's totally my fault."

"It is."

Alright who has the "CLG_SFAT" Twitter handle?

Joining CLG and Thoughts on 2016

It took a little over five weeks of discussion and waiting before CLG SFAT became official. The staff was busy at Worlds helping the League team, but when Smash Summit came around it was hard to ignore the demand. The Smash community as a whole and even CLG fans that weren't as familiar with the scene were all cheering for CLG SFAT to happen. "I've never had so many people tweet at me for three days straight about picking up one player," said Mylixia, CEO of CLG.

"I'm blown away, I was blown away at the time, and I'm even more blown away now. Because it worked. It happened," SFAT told PewPewU with a smile on his face.

"I don't know man, I don't know about you but I'm excited for 2016."

"Oh definitely this is a really good way for us to end 2015."


"It's just good to look forward to something in 2016."

Welcome CLG SFAT.