Welcoming The New Year

It's been a little over four months since our League of Legends team last stood on stage as victors at Madison Square Garden and this year, we want to experience it again. The team has changed, the competition has changed, and the game will always be changing; and we know that. What has not changed is the system we have in place and the knowledge of the effort and drive needed for a successful team. We believe in players that have relentless drive, talent, selfless attitudes, and strong work ethics.

We could not be more happy today to officially announce our League of Legends roster for 2016.


The 2016 League of Legends Roster


Darshan "Darshan" Upadhyaya
 @LoLDarshan    zionspartan    DarshanUpadhyaya

Darshan is a four year veteran of the League of Legends esports scene. While he was always talked about as a talented player, it took time for him to grow into the player he is today. With a "champion ocean" to choose from, Darshan is now widely considered one of the best top laners in North America. When he isn't practicing on the rift, you can find him singing songs on YouTube.


Jae-hyun "Huhi" Choi
 @LoLHuhi    lolwhoishe    huhilol

Huhi isn't new to professional play, but will be participating in the LCS for the first time this year. He played in OGN for one season before moving to NA last year. He has shined in practice and has excellent in-game communication. Outside of the game he is friendly, multi-lingual (he speaks Korean, English and French!), and makes the occassional... ok more like daily troll tweet.


Jake "Xmithie" Puchero
 @LoLXmithie    xmithie

In his second year on CLG and fourth year of competitive play, Xmithie provides the veteran leadership and experience for the team. Xmithie loves to dance and took choreography classes all his life. He also plays guitar and accompanies Darshan's vocals. Xmithie is an unsung hero in CLG. Although often out of the spotlight, he's a major factor in our victories during critical games.


Trevor "Stixxay" Hayes
 @Stixxay    stixxay

This year will be Stixxay's first foray into professional League of Legends after showcasing his skills in the challenger scene for the past year. He is a promising young talent and put on a great performance at IEM San Jose against international teams. He's drunk coffee since he was ten years old, evolving to the point where he now consumes more than your average Wall Street sales team.


Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black
 @aphromoo    aphromoo

Aphromoo is the captain and longest standing CLG League of Legends member. Known for his playmaking ability and shotcalling, he is one of the best support players in the NA LCS. It may be a different botlane, but we're confident that Aphromoo can help guide Stixxay into being a formidable duo lane partner.  "Support is so easy!"


A System and Culture, Veterans and Rookies

"I believe that if you want great players and a great team, you have to work in a culture that fosters great people. In order to find success, people must be capable of working well together and communicating effectively. As a team, we have chosen every player on this roster as the best for their role to fulfill their duty to help the team grow. With this roster, everyone knows that no one is bigger than the team and we can instead work on the things that really matter. CLG will be the team that will show you that teamwork trumps all."

- Tony "Zikz" Gray, Head Coach

There were a lot of aspects of the team we liked watching them in scrims and seeing them perform on stage all the way to the finals of IEM San Jose. They displayed the ability to work together and even more importantly were able to execute plays cleanly and calmly. We were proud of the team then and we knew that we had a solid foundation to work with for the new season.

Aphromoo, Xmithie, and Darshan are all veteran leaders and teammates. They have shown everyone in the past year that they are proven players and still have room to excel. Huhi and Stixxay are extremely talented and are eager to learn and develop under the guidance of our veteran core. With the help of Head Coach Tony "Zikz" Gray and his coaching staff, we are confident in the team's process and path to success.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for CLG and League of Legends Esports. We can't wait to share some incredible moments with our fans.

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