New Beginnings

Counter Logic Gaming Halo made its beginnings in late 2014 and has placed highly in several tournaments online and offline since. Roster changes are inevitable in any competitive sport and the Halo team has made a few since its inception. In the past week, a series of roster moves that spanned multiple teams were made and shook the scene at its foundations.


Thank You OGRE2

We are sad to announce that Tom "OGRE2" Ryan will no longer be a member of CLG Halo. He was a valuable member of CLG Halo for the past year and is a player that will go down in Halo history as the greatest player of all time. OGRE2 achieved over 40 major tournament victories over his unprecedented thirteen-year long esports career. We are proud that he was a part of our first Halo roster and that he helped lead the team to two hard-earned finals appearances in the two seasons of the Halo Championship Series.

The first season of the HCS was a neck and neck competition against Evil Geniuses (EG). We would consistently meet them in the finals and it was clear that both teams were the frontrunners of competitive Halo. During the run to the finals of HCS season one, CLG Halo had the pleasure of partaking in one of the most exciting matches in recent Halo history against Noble Esports. The series was decided by a Game 5 quadruple overtime victory. It was intense, nerve wracking, and an incredible moment that fell in our favor in large part to the skill and perseverance of our players at the time. OGRE2's veteran leadership and experience in that series however cannot be overstated.

CLG vs Noble Esports - One of the most memorable moments in recent Halo history.

The start of the second season was not quite the same dynamic start that the team had in the prior one. They consistently placed highly in tournaments, but did not have the same finals record as Season One. The team however was able to pull through and once again face off against Evil Geniuses in the grand finals of season two.

It was an amazing year of Halo and we want to thank OGRE2 for being a part of it with CLG. We wish him luck with his new team on Team EnVyUs and look forward to the inevitable matches in the future.


The New Roster

Tony "Lethul" Campbell is no stranger to CLG as one of the four players of Evil Geniuses to face off against the team in two HCS grand finals. He has been a part of nine major tournament victories and is currently one of the best players in Halo 5. CLG Halo will be an incredibly strong team with Lethul playing alongside the likes of Royal2, Snakebite, and Frosty. Please give Lethul a warm welcome to CLG Halo's new roster:

Paul "Snakebite" Duarte
 snakebitefps    Snakebite

Matthew "Royal 2" Fiorante
 Royal2    royal2

Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom
 FrostyBB    itssofrosty

Tony "Lethul" Campbell
 @Lxthul    lxthul

The team looked outstanding and placed 1st in the Online Qualifiers #5 for the Halo World Championships with very little time to mesh. This weekend, the team will participate in the MLG Aspen X-Games to test their strength in a LAN environment. We are excited to see what the team is capable of in the coming year.


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