LCS Week Two Highlights


vs Team Liquid - Poke and Finesse
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The game was predicated on CLG's ability to out maneuver Team Liquid on the map and in teamfights. With very few forms of reliable crowd control, CLG was able to stall out the early game and punish Team Liquid during their mid game power spike. Darshan kept up a strong split push on Fiora, while the rest of the team poked their way to take down towers. In the teamfights they did take against Team Liquid, the game looked less decisive. The teamfight at the 25:30 mark was incredibly close, but a missed taunt by Lourlo allowed HuHi to capitalize and deal damage with multiple spell rotations on Corki. By the end of the fight, CLG members all had blinking health bars but were able to take four kills to Team Liquid's zero. Team Liquid never recovered from that point and CLG comfortably took the win.

Photo Credit: Riot Games/Flickr


vs Cloud 9 - Hai
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Cloud 9 looked to be an easy match for Counter Logic Gaming, coming from a fresh loss against the substitute-ladened Team Impulse. Hai seemingly once again changed the fate of Cloud 9 as they had a dominant win over CLG. Rush showed off the capabilities of Graves in the jungle and Jensen displayed his late Summer 2015 LCS performance in the early stages of the game. CLG had a glimmer of hope in the mid-game when Cloud 9 misjudged their capability to safely take Baron. A good combination of picks and crowd control over a long extended teamfight gave CLG three sorely needed kills.  The deficit proved to be too much however and the gold lead eventually balloned to over 10k for a C9 victory.

Photo Credit: Alexandria Alvarez / Twitter: @lolLotus


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