The SXSW Most Valuable Esports Team


“Oh! Amumu-”
“Beautiful ulti!”
“This could be GG!”


It was the first major international League of Legends tournament, and Counter Logic Gaming was on the cusp of victory against the European representatives, SK Gaming. In early 2010, people would have never imagined League of Legends to have a burgeoning competitive scene. Players waited every month for Riot Games to publish the top ranked players list on the forums. There was no ranked solo queue. Every patch was cause for celebratory cheers in the community. 

When people saw Counter Logic Gaming vs SK Gaming playing in the grand finals of World Cyber Games 2010 in front of a small crowd and 100,000 stream viewers, it was history in the making.

The iconic Amumu ultimate that ended WCG 2010

Counter Logic Gaming was founded six years ago by George “HotShotGG” Georgallidis. In just five months, Counter Logic Gaming won the first major international League of Legends tournament. One iconic Amumu bandage toss into Curse of the Sad Mummy and CLG member Kobe24 had launched the birth of a new age in esports.

The CLG of that time has transformed. Down in relegations in the Summer of 2014 with no other team to the brand, CLG was one game away from having it’s one and only team knocked out of the LCS. Esports had leveled up, but the organization was not the dominant force in North America as it once had been. It was a darker time for CLG.

Today, Counter Logic Gaming has stepped up their game. Proudly featuring players and teams across five different esports titles: CLG Blue (CS:GO), CLG Red (CS:GO), Call of Duty, Halo, Smash, and League of Legends. The CLG Red team is inspiring female gamers to continue pursuing what they love and is the best female CS:GO team in the world. The Halo team just came off an incredibly close seven game series and won a silver medal at the Aspen X-Games. CLG has one of the few fully sponsored Melee doubles team in the world that have consistently placed top two while beating “Gods”. In 2015 the League team took the NA LCS playoffs by storm going undefeated in the face of continuous doubt and adversity.

The process to exponentially develop the infrastructure of the organization to accommodate growth and talent was difficult and ongoing. CLG encourages all its players and teams to move to Los Angeles for a better practice environment and to be closer with the organization - a CLG family. Everyone is in it together.


We’re happy to be recognized for the achievements of the organization, teams, and its players in the past year with a nomination for the most valuable esports team in the SXSW Gaming Awards. We are always striving to do better and continue the legacy we first made in that moment at World Cyber Games 2010.

We ask our fans to support us in our bid for the most valuable esports team in the 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards! The polls are open until 11:59 PM PST on Friday, February 12th. Vote here for Counter Logic Gaming!

Thank you to all our fans for the continuous support.