A New Community Direction for Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming has undergone major changes in the last five months.

Have you heard about them? Probably not, or maybe in passing.

Our players and staff know, but the wide community that supports Counter Logic Gaming through thick and thin has no idea.

We need to tell that story. And how we’ll tell it matters.

When I joined Counter Logic Gaming, I promised this in my CEO announcement article:

“We need to connect to our roots, and interact on a deeper level with our supporters. This means better communication and a focus on bringing you closer to what’s happening at CLG.”

I’m pleased to announce the following new mediums to make good on that promise.

We’re starting with the relaunch of   Counter Logic Gaming - that will feature quality stories about the organization and each team as a whole. On this will also be staff features and narratives about our culture and what CLG is doing.

Next, we’ve launched   CLG League of Legends  - the main video portal for our defending NA LCS champions at League of Legends. This channel will tell the day to day stories of our players, get you involved with their lives, and feature exclusive stories about being a competitive player. We’ll also be showing the best moments of the teams play, and strategy about how you can grow as a player.

We’re launching   CLG Counter Strike for our premier Counter Strike teams, CLG Blue and CLG Red. We’ve brought on an editor to collect the latest news on our CS:GO teams, feature players, and tell their competitive stories.

League of Legends and CS:GO will also be getting Facebook pages to keep you updated. Find them here:

 CLG League of Legends

 CLG Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Each Facebook page will function as an easy place to read all of the latest about the teams.

We’re rebooting our main Facebook with constant updates, located at:

 Counter Logic Gaming

To keep up to date on what the organization is doing, offer exclusives to dedicated supporters, and get behind-the-scenes on our players, we’re launching an e-mail Newsletter for subscribers.

Sign up for that Newsletter Here

You’ll find a lot of high quality written articles coming to clgaming.net, written by our Head of Content, Chris Han.

We’re launching a new Twitter for the best competitive women’s team in the world, located at  @CLGRed. The channel is controlled by CLG Red and will feature exclusive content from them.

Finally, we have two amazing Snapchats for CLG Blue and CLG Red:

CLG Blue -  CLG.Blue

CLG Red -  CLG.Red

To answer the inevitable question: YES, we’ll be implementing a content direction for our Call of Duty and Halo teams soon. Our Smash players already have robust self-driven content, and you’ll see more from them too.

We want to get this right and start with what we can deliver on. This is what we know what we can commit to. On the way is a brand new content staff, each who will have a separate announcement in the coming month. We’ve expanded CLG to not only cover our entire social network but also deliver quality video to our supporters.

All of our links are available on our updated “About” page. Located at clgaming.net/about.

This is the first of several changes. Coming up, we’ll introduce a way for supporters to get exclusive benefits through CLG. We’ll continue to expand on our storytelling mediums for you to see inside CLG. We’ll also be further building out our infrastructure to continue towards creating world-class teams in all of our esports.

Thanks for supporting Counter Logic Gaming. There’s more to come.


Devin "Mylixia" Nash
CEO Counter Logic Gaming