Welcome Based Yoona

Counter Logic Gaming is pleased to announce that Orlando "Based Yoona" Flota will be joining the organization as a substitute player and streamer. Based Yoona has been playing League of Legends for five years and has competed on several challenger teams prior to joining CLG. He mains the AD carry position and can often be seen duoing with William "Scarra" Li on stream.

Based Yoona streams everyday starting around noon Pacific Time. When asked about what you expect from his stream, he replied, "You can expect some epic high elo gameplay and many, many deaths!"

"Joining CLG is one of the most exciting things ever. I've looked up to this organization for so long I've got the in-game icons to prove it! This is a great opportunity and I'm happy that I can callmyself a CLG boy now!"

- Based Yoona

Whether you're a fan of his gameplay or a fan of his love for SNSD member Yoona, be sure to check out his daily streams and follow him on social media!