MLG Columbus Preview

We're back! This time for North America's first CS:GO major, with the largest prize pool of any major ever in Counter-Strike clocking in at $1,000,000. This is the second time MLG has hosted a CS:GO event, having only produced the North American MLG Minor previously. With a stacked caster talent, an unparalleled group of qualified teams, MLG Columbus is here to set the precedent for the rest of 2016.

CLG.CS has also seen changes to it's lineup. Joining CLG.CS is Jacob "Fugly" Medina for his first major with the team. Jacob "Fugly" Medina is known for his astounding fundamentals in CS:GO. Although he has never been viewed as a star player in the teams he's played on, he has always been an important core player, either by setting up teammates or being able to efficiently trade crticical frags. Look for Fugly as the 2nd man-in, often times working with Hazed.

CLG.CS has also added Faruk "pita" Pita as coach. Pita has countless years of experience in Counter-Strike and was previously the coach for NiP. Coaches are becoming more common, and are extremely important in CS:GO. Th ey relieve much of the stress from the in-game leader's need to call. This allows for coaches to be a 6th man, and are able to focus purely on potential weaknesses in the opponent's setup. Pita is the extra edge that will push CLG.CS to the top, allowing Cutler to focus more on fragging rather than calling and reading the enemy.

The CLG.CS Roster for MLG Columbus

With all changes in mind, CLG.CS are going strong into this major. Recently they upset the Brazilian behemoths -- Tempo Storm who nearly beat Na'Vi in IEM Katowice 2016. Although the team has come up short in ESEA ESL Proleague Season 21, we come into MLG Columbus 2016 more motivated than ever.

 CLG.CS will be fighting through Group C, which is a highly competitive group. The first match for the team will be against the French team EnVyUs, who currently have shaky prospects going into this major. After the addition of DEVIL for EnVyUs, the french team has seen unprecedented doubt, losing to North American teams like NRG who are considered to simply be a lower caliber team. Despite these results, sleeping on EnVyUs is never a good idea. The Frenchmen have too much experience that the idea that EnVyUs can't come together as a team and win is hard to believe.

As for the rest of the matches in this group, CLG could be facing either Astralis or Gambit. It remains to be seen what's next. The Eastern-Euro team Gambit has been putting up huge numbers on the scoreboard, and were seen as an underdog during the qualifiers, and undoubtly they are an unfavourable vs. Astralis as well. The danes on Astralis have consistently put up outstanding performances across multiple, and there is no question that  MLG Columbus will continue that streak.


Player to Watch: Josh "jdm" Marzano

Josh "jdm" Marzano is our player spotlight for MLG Columbus. jdm has consistently proven to be a not only clutch player, but an extremely verastile positional AWPer. Often times, jdm has been a hard carry in matches that otherwise would have been closer or even lost. For example, vs. Vexed on Train during the qualifier for MLG Columbus, jdm clutched unbelievable rounds. Whether it be running through fire for a 3K clutch, or having important 4K rounds to keep CLG's economy alive. Time and time again jdm has proven himself to be a top AWPer in North America, and beyond. This is jdm's year to evolve into the star player that he has worked so hard to become.

MLG Columbus 2016 goes live March 29th at 10:00 EDT, for complete talent rundown and schedule visit the official MLG site.


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