Welcome CLG Overwatch

Counter Logic Gaming is proud to announce its latest venture in esports with CLG Overwatch! It's been over a year since our last entry into a new title. Overwatch has all the aspects of a great esport: played by millions around the world, the ability to showcase skill, and incredibly entertaining to watch. With the acquisition of the team formerly known as "The 1 Percent", we believe that CLG Overwatch will be able to compete in 2017 with the world's best. The players are hungry, know how to work as a team, and have an infectious passion and love for the game.

Welcome CLG Overwatch.

Joao Pedro "Hydration" Goes Telles
 CLGHydration |   The_Hydration |  The_Hydration

Adam "waffletastic" Sydnor
  waffletastic_ow  |   waffletastic |  waffletastic_ow

Bryan "iShiny" McCarthy
  @CLGiShiny  |   ishinylol |  CLGiShiny

Nathan "Miso" Lui
 CLGMiso  |   misospoon |  CLGMiso

Michael "The" Kuhns
 RealThe_OW |   realthe |  RealTheOW

Daniel "Mikado" Yamilkoski
 @CLGMikado |   mikadosky |  mikadosky


Meet the Players

Fun fact: Hydration is originally from Brazil and lived in China for 2 years. He is one of the main DPS players for CLG Overwatch.

Favorite Heroes:

Waffletastic is the second DPS player for CLG Overwatch. He generally plays the hit-scan heroes for the team.

Favorite Heroes:

iShiny was the founder of Washington Esports at University of Washington. He was captain of the LoL, HoTS, and OW team. He is the primary tank player for CLG Overwatch.

Favorite Heroes:

"Professional gaming has always been my dream, and I am honored that I not only have the opportunity to pursue it, but to pursue it with CLG. I am ecstatic to be moving forward with such an awesome organization that aligns with the growth mentality of our team."

A top Zarya player, Miso hit the front page of Reddit after he called his mom upon reaching Rank One on the ladder. Miso plays the tank / flex role for the team.

Favorite Heroes:

Beat minesweeper once, on hard. All jokes aside, "The" is one of the two support players for the team.

Favorite Heroes:

"I'm ecstatic to have the opportunity to give full dedication towards Overwatch with some of the best teammates and friends I've met. We're going to up the standards for teams by showing what happens when hard working players with motivation and positive attitudes are allowed to practice without hinderance."

Mikado is one of the primary support players and the in-game leader for the team.

Favorite Heroes:

"Our roster is the most dedicated group of players I've ever worked with and I take pride in the fact that despite having full-time students and jobs that we stayed as a solid six-man roster and play at the highest level. Having the entire roster sign with CLG is the realization of a dream I've had since playing in the closed beta and a testament that commitment and hard-work pay off."




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