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Counter Logic Gaming would like to welcome Grant “Grievance” Rousseau as it’s League of Legends player development coach! Several weeks ago we announced that Mike, former player development coach for League of Legends, would officially become the player development coach for CLG CS:GO. Over the past year we have found that the impact of a development coach cannot be overstated and therefore immediately began looking to hire for the position towards the end of last year. After two months of searching, we believe that Grievance is the right person with the skills, attitude, and experience to help guide our League of Legends team to another championship title.

Grievance overlooking warmups before the LCS matches last weekend.

Grievance comes from a diverse background of leadership experience ranging from being a valuations analyst at Ernst and Young, the committee chairman in the chemical engineering department of university, to being a sergeant during his two years of non-commissioned army work. His experiences working in different high stress and professional environments will transition naturally into his work as a player development coach. Leadership, discipline, people skills, and effective conflict resolution are necessary skills for the role. “It all comes back to a mixture of leadership and empathy,” Grievance stated regarding the key concepts of his place on the team. “I’ve learned that even in the toughest moments, you have to stay on point and make sure that those around you are comfortable and know what they’re doing.”

“I am excited to welcome Grievance to the CLG family! He brings a variety of experience and professionalism. I look forward to seeing his impact on the team.”

- Matt Nausha, Director of Esports

Over the past week and a half Grievance has been working directly with the CLG Black team in order to get settled in the esports environment and effectively work with the main team from the start. Beginning this week, Grievance will be taking a more active role with the LCS team as the player development coach and being implementing structured plans. “I think it's been working really well,” said Grievance. “The players from the academy team and main team have been very receptive. I've gone through the structured plans I hope to put in place starting this week. I want to do a lot of one-on-one work, where I go through their aspirations and goals - find out what makes them tick as a person and push that further.”

“I'm extremely grateful to be given the opportunity by CLG to work with such a well known team. I know that through our hard work and passion, we can take this team even further than last year.”

- Grant "Grievance" Rousseau, LoL Player Development Coach


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