The Final Run

A little over two months ago, we began on a journey into Hearthstone with Xixo, Hoej, and Surrender. We entered the Hearthstone world because we love the game and knew there would be an upcoming opportunity for competitive Hearthstone in the near future. Unfortunately it did not come into fruition, which made us have to come to the hard decision of having to decide to part ways with our Hearthstone team. We love our players in the time that they have been with us and wish that we didn’t have to make this choice. We spoke with the team earlier in the month to let them know of our decision to part ways at the end of March.

It’s been only two months and we know it's not a good feeling - for our players on the team, for us to have to part ways so early, and for our fans who love Hearthstone and finally had players under the CLG banner to root for.

But still, in those two months the players have still competed and placed well at large events. Xixo competed at the WESG Grand Final 2016 and Titanar Elite Hearthstone Invitational 2017, placing 4th and 9th respectively and winning $20,000. Hoej won first place at the GamersOrigin Hearthstone Challenge with a 3:2 victory over Alliance’s Powder. Surrender just narrowly missed the opportunity to qualify for the Hearthstone Global Games after a hard fought run. We are proud of them and know that when they do move on, they will still be the overall best Hearthstone team in the world.

As a final send off, the CLG Hearthstone team will be competing at the ONOG PAX East Major and SXSW Major. The PAX East Major will take place this weekend from March 10th to 12th. Following the PAX East Major, the team will travel directly to the SXSW Major competing from March 16th to 18th. We can not wait to see them compete and wish them luck in these upcoming weeks! CLG fans please show your support as the Hearthstone team make it's final run.

A Message from Xixo:

I want to thank CLG for the time with them. While we are sad it was this short, I can say we were treated well during our stay. I want to apologize to Surrender and Hoej. I did all the talking back then and ultimately decided we would join CLG. As for the future, we are currently exploring options and taking our time, I feel responsible for my mates and promise to do the best I can to have them take as little damage from this as possible. If any team or sponsor is interested in us, please feel free to reach out to me. Hearthstone offers different promotion opportunities than most other esport titles, so that is something I'm currently exploring. Please cheer for us as we wear our CLG jerseys one last time during PAX and SXSW, and hopefully beyond that. Cheers!

- Xixo


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