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Counter Logic Gaming would like to officially welcome Henry, in-game name Cuddles, as the CLG Overwatch Head Coach. We received many applicants for the position and had the team tryout several coaches. After a little over a month of review, we decided that Cuddles had the skills and disposition to best provide the infrastructure and guidance to lead the CLG Overwatch.

Prior to joining CLG, Cuddles was the Overwatch coach for PENTA sports where he helped lead the team through the group stages and onto the main stage at Dreamhack Winter. In addition to his esports coaching experience, he also has experience coaching and refereeing youth football [soccer]. Cuddles has already made tremendous strides working with the team during his tryouts and in the past week working directly in-house.

“We didn't know what a coach could bring to the table until Henry 'Cuddles' showed us all the things we were missing. He gives us a sense of direction and the confidence to follow through. Now our worst practices are more efficient than our best ones before. Our wins are more uplifting and our losses less negative. After careful selection, we know that Henry 'Cuddles' was a perfect fit for our team and we look forward to him guiding us to success.”

- Michael “The” Kuhns, Support Player for CLG Overwatch

Cuddles believes in pro-active management and coaching. He makes sure that every player is involved in the improvement process in some fashion, and not just a “player.” Whether it be having an active role in the VoD review process, assisting with scheduling scrimmages, or being accountable for other aspects of team improvement - Cuddles makes sure that the players have stake in the process. His philosophy is that a player who is active and ready to train, will always outperform a player who is keeping to a slacking schedule.

“I’m looking forward to the future here with CLG. I know the team has shown as bright as they could be, but I hope that I can take them to the top and show that we can be the best. My goal here isn't to win. It's to work hard, train hard, and make improvements. Then, winning takes care of itself."

- Henry “Cuddles”, OW Head Coach

We look forward to seeing the Overwatch team compete in future events and see their hard work payoff under the guidance of our new head coach.



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