Plop Named LoL Assistant Coach

We are pleased to announce that Zachary "Plop" Goldman, previously Head Analyst, is now the Assistant Coach for CLG League of Legends. Plop, much like Head Coach Zikz before him, came into this role through dedication and hard work over time. Plop started out as a remote online analyst for CLG during the 2015 Summer Split gathering data and scouting enemy teams. Although unknown at the time, he held a part in helping CLG League of Legends win their first LCS championship at Madison Square Garden.

Plop became an on-site analyst during the 2016 Summer Split, when it was decided the team needed more direct feedback and analysis for more efficient practice. Over the past year Plop was able to find new ways to help improve the team becoming the Head Analyst and now Assistant Coach. Plop's primary responsibilities are focused on creating and implementing gameplans for upcoming LCS matches as well as developing communication and gameplay systems.

We are glad to have Plop with us as a part of the CLG family and hope our fans get to know him better as well. He may already be a familiar face for those who have been following us on social media as he's been an integral part of the League of Legends staff traveling with the team to Toronto, Korea, and Worlds.  We are confident that Plop will continue to do great work with the team and help lead CLG League of Legends to another championship in the future.


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