Welcome Our New Streamers!

Welcome Scott "tehMorag" Hellyer and Daniel "iKasperr" Bong as the latest additions to the CLG stream team! They are long time variety streamers that are also a part of the Twitch stream team "Main Menu." We are incredibly happy to have them on board and hope you'll enjoy their streams when you check them out.

Hello! Can you give a small introduction to our fans?

My name is tehMorag or Scott Hellyer I am variety caster of four... coming up on five years now and I just tend to enjoy having some good real talks with people and just showing all the different stuff that's out there and trying to create as many new experiences as possible in video games.

My name is iKasperr or Daniel Bong, a variety caster for almost five years I think my five year anniversary is this summer. I play all sorts of games, I've ventured from triple A to esports to indie games and back again - any chance that I get.

What is Main Menu?

Main Menu is a collaboration of broadcasters that are just looking to try to find ways to push the industry forward for streamers, um mostly in the eyes of how to end up communicating with brands, how to end up communicating with our communities, but overall how do we actually work together on an even ground with each other, our own peers and friends, and without it being about jealousy and rage. [Laughs]

Yeah and Morag and myself kind of work together, we're both founding members of the team alongside with CobaltStreak who is a friend of ours, as well as Devin Nash who is the current CEO of Counter Logic Gaming. It was kind of envisioned about three years ago, where it's developed over time - not so much the direction, but more so our roles within the team. So I'm currently and still will be the director of Main Menu. So I work on biz dev side, trying to work out deals and get promotions and paid promotions for all of our broadcasters including myself.

tehMorag enjoys playing games such as Terriaria

What are your thoughts on streaming as a career? What does it mean to be a streamer?

I've honestly always ended up seeing streaming as a career, it's always been more along the sides of... I guess the easiest way to explain it would end up being the community experience. You can go anywhere and do anything with people, but having the internet makes a very unique atmosphere that you can find anyone of like mindedness to be able to come together and enjoy each other's company. And with that in mind, you can then create experiences to follow up with that too.

Yeah I'd echo that as well. It's all about building a community and trying to foster something that you want to be a part of. Trying to be the leader and pioneer of whatever you want to live in. Whether it's a super competitive environment where you're trying to become the next esports star or if you're just admittedly really bad at video games and just want to find people that just enjoy laughs and real talks and whatever the case may be. That's pretty much the dream in a nutshell.

Which is pretty much being able to create your own job. That's always nice.


What compelled you to get into streaming?

I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school. It took me what, seven years before I even found streaming. Just jumping from web development, to back end development, to community management - and it's funny everything I kind of learned actually kind of helped get me into streaming. I've used all those skills I've learned over the years as part of streaming in someway. So it's just overall a nice accumulation of skills I've learned over the past six, well I guess ten years, and it was just like, "Holy crap, this is perfect!"

And it's always funny to me because Scott and I are actually polar opposites. Where as he didn't know what he was doing out of high school, I was set ever since middle school that I wanted to be a high school teacher of some sort. So I went to school for it, graduated, started teaching, and was doing streaming as a hobby. But a couple years I thought, "You know what? I've got my degree. I've got my education, I can go back to whenever I want. But this whole streaming thing, it's new, it's fresh, it's entertaining thing and it's fun. I'm a 19 year old kid or 20 year old kid, that can play video games and make a living from it?" So that's kind of the path that I went. I started off wanting to be the next Starcraft pro, and then I found out I'm not very good at Starcraft. So I started finding personalities that were literally that. They weren't necessarily good at video games, but people were there for the entertainment factor and I thought I could do that.

As variety streamers do you have any specific types of games you play? What makes your stream unique?

Oof. A loaded question. Why do people want to be at YOUR home? Well you see... I play video games just like everyone else does so uniqueness, that's going to be the community of people I foster. *Laughs* But really the types of games I'll play are most likely going to be on the JRPG genre or sandbox building type of games as well.

iKasperr is an accomplished Binding of Isaac speed runner!

For me I'm more of an indie game specialist I want to say, although I've kind of thrown that to the side. When I started out I was still competitive, and found myself competitive in the Binding of Isaac series, which is a dungeon crawler rogue. I actually speed ran the game and I had a couple world records in it. I was the season two champion in the Binding of Isaac League Racing, which just came back to Twitch just a couple months ago, where I got knocked out in the first round, but we don't talk about that. But yeah, the competitive side has always been there. I've dabbled in Hearthstone, hit legend in multiple seasons, played other games such as Overwatch and what not. But I always find myself venturing back into the indie scene and those two to five dollar games that you can find hundreds of hours of entertainment from.

Speaking of competition, do you guys follow esports at all?

I am personally of the type where I know of it, I know of the people that are in it, I will definitely say that... [pause and laughs] man this is a loaded question too I didn't know how I was ever going to answer this one! I will go out and do social drinking when my friends are doing their drafts for it.

He's the one that observes, not so much partakes I guess.


I am definitely an observer. I will partake in the awesomeness, hype, and energy, because I love that about the esports scene. It definitely follows the same feels I end up getting when I hang out with friends for traditional sports as well. So when it comes down to watching esports and involving yourself in it and enveloping yourself in the atmosphere - I can definitely say CLG has been on that list of people I've been keeping up with because I know of Mylixia and I know the awesome stuff he's been doing with the organization. So I definitely love the esports crowd itself.

Yeah I love the hype around it. It was where I was born when it comes to games I remember, all the way back to the MLG days and I was watching Halo and the dynasty of Instinct. That was kind of my first intro into esports. And then going from that, my Starcraft dreams being shattered in two months - I started going into variety and being that personality. But over the past two years I started getting back into it, watching a lot of League, although I've never played League... well I played like two games in my entire life. I love watching League of Legends, I love watching competitive play and of course Overwatch is the other one I'm just hugely invested in. I live and breathe it in my off-time.

I think one of the first times I've ever been introduced to esports before it was esports was watching friends scrimming in CS 1.6, trying to get into tournaments and get big.

Where does CLG come into all of this?

When talking with Devin about this move and how it ends up involving CLG, we were looking more of finding ways to get CLG's name out there more. But at the same time to build a relationships. From the fans side you might just see it as other people that are on the team that also enjoy the atmosphere that can be reliable whether they're esports orientated or not. So you know they're going to be reliable content in some way.

For sure, whenever I attend events, whether it's a fan event or competitive event like the League of Legends Spring Finals that I was just at last week, when it comes down to it whether it's esports or not - it's gamers. It's gamers enjoying what they do best and maybe not do so well, but it's something we enjoy and something we can connect with. That's kind of the direction I see CLG going, even though we got esports scenes and the competitive side, we also have these personalities that can shine through. That's where I see us coming in, joining the streamer division of CLG and pushing that forward.

Mhm. Kasper is definitely better at wording my thoughts. [Laughs]


Well I talk for a living.


Rolling it back, what would you say your top three favorite games to play are?

I kind of have to go with any good puzzle game. I guess it's going to be Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo. That's a game I can always go back to. That's the game I can pick up and just play for hours if I want to. I love the fast paced action. But other than that, let's say Terraria. Terraria is that one bread and butter that I might actually go back to for that stream, just because I haven't played it in like a year. I can easily sink another two hundred hours if I wanted to. And the third game is literally any Final Fantasy game... except 15.

Wow! What's wrong with 15.

I need them to actually put a finished game out.

I mean, they're getting there...

I'll wait for the "PC Release."

For me it would be Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Rebirth was just perfect, it was the perfect dungeon crawler. It had the perfect mix of difficulty and skill that was required, as well as a little bit of luck to get through it. I always enjoyed it. I'm nearing nearly 5000 hours in the series. So lots of time [chuckles], lots of time dedicated to that. I'd say VA-11 HALL-A. It's a visual novel with very light gameplay. But the way it builds a story and the characters is just magical. I just love games that tell a really good story, so even though I haven't finished it yet - Persona 5 would probably be up there as well.

If you could describe your personalities how would you describe it?

I'd almost say we should do this for each other Kasperr.

Alright! Spreadsheets, he loves spreadsheets. Scott is all about mathematical analytics, piecing it together, breaking it apart, and piecing it back together again. If that ends up being the solution great! If not, he gets to do it all over again and he loves that.

Kasper is definitely going to be there for you when you need it. He will make sure he is known when he doesn't get what he wants. [iKasperr laughs] But at the end of the day, he will still give you a hug regardless of whether he hates you or not.

That seems a little too personal there Scott.

No no no! I'm just thinking more back to your Twitter, because it's always a good "hugginess". Right? No matter what?

Anything you want to say to your viewers, fans, and CLG fans?

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to continue build the CLG fanbase, to continue help the gaming culture as a whole, get a little bit more credibility in what we end up doing. And just to show not just the people here, but people outside of this the new experiences that you can end up garnering just because you say: "What if."

For me it would be, CLG is a brand new chapter for me. And it's a chapter going in the right direction. For many years I've always been a variety broadcaster and while I'll always remain true to that. CLG is going to be able to enable me to literally take it to the next level: to be able to attend more events, to be able to meet with fans, to be able to develop myself as both a personality, a host, and pretty much everything else I've done in my entire life. I cannot wait to meet my new friends, my new fans, and to meet my new communities that I get to be a part of and I'm glad to be a part of it.


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