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Counter Logic Gaming is excited to announce that Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett will be joining the CLG League of Legends team as it’s new jungler! Dardoch is a young and very talented player that will help add more depth and fire to the team. The decision to bring in Dardoch was made after a series of evaluations since our run in the Spring Split ended. Over the course of the past several weeks, the coaches and staff have been working hard to prepare for the upcoming split. Much of the time was focused on creating better systems for both the players and the team. During the evaluation of challenging current systems, the staff took a hard look at the roster as well. In the end, it was decided that Dardoch would be the best fit for the team.

“I joined CLG primarily because they are a strong roster with a great support staff."

- Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett

“We knew lots of changes needed to be occur to obtain the results that we are seeking,” said Trinitiii, Director of Esports. “CLG is committed to being the best and winning esports team - continuing the legacy of what made CLG the organization it is today. Dardoch is a young, talented, and passionate player that brings with him an incredible amount of drive. With the new systems in place that include accountability, mindset, structure, and strategy we are confident that Dardoch will thrive in the CLG environment both in and out of the game.”

Xmithie has been a veteran of CLG for over two years and a was a crucial part in our two LCS championship title teams. He will always be a part of CLG’s history and legacy and for that, we want to thank him for not only his time as a player, but for being a great person and friend to us all.

“I am extremely happy that I've been a part of CLG through the highs and the lows,” Xmithie said. “I've learned a lot from my experiences with the help of the coaching staff and my old teammates and I will try to share that with my new comrades! I also am really excited for this new experience I'm about to go through and my goal will always be the same, being the best player I can be and do really well during Worlds with my team.”

Dardoch will be the first addition to the CLG LCS roster since we last brought on Stixxay and Huhi in Spring 2016. That same split we won our second LCS title and this split, as every split, our goal will remain the same: to win everything.

“I joined CLG primarily because they are a strong roster with a great support staff that I think can help me improve as a person and player,” said Dardoch on joining CLG. “I hope everyone can accept me in place of Xmithie. I understand the concerns you probably have about me joining the roster, given my reputation, as well as it being the first roster change in quite some time for CLG. But I hope you guys support me either way and I’ll do my best to make CLG the best team it can be.”

The team has already begun practicing in order to start off strong in the upcoming summer split. We believe that Dardoch will mesh well within our infrastructure and environment and be a piece that helps us win another LCS title and more. We are excited to have him as a part of the team and look forward to seeing the team compete once more in a few weeks time. Everyone please give Dardoch a warm welcome as the newest member of CLG!



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