Saying Our Goodbyes

We are sad to announce today that Michael “The” Kuhns will be parting ways with CLG Overwatch. The was one of the original members of “The 1 Percent” and helped form what is now the CLG Overwatch team. Amidst the recent events of competitive Overwatch however, there have been many talented players that are now free agents. Although The was a great player and beloved part of the CLG family, Director of Esports Matt ‘Trinitiii” Nausha and Head Coach Henry “Cuddles” Coxall had to make the hard decision on whether roster changes needed to be made in order to continue to strengthen the team. After some deliberation, it was decided in the end that we would part ways with The.

“The was a fantastic player and friend here at CLG Overwatch, he laid the foundations for the team to build from and I'm glad he was part of the process. As a collective, the team and I felt attaining the new support who was made available to us would open up opportunities to evolve into a world class team that can contend for that number one spot. I am committed to helping The find a new home and look forward competing against him in future events.” 

- Head Coach Cuddles

The joined Counter Logic Gaming with the same passion and dedication that we love about CLG Overwatch. Being a player’s first organization is a unique experience and we are thankful to have had The as part of the CLG family in the past six months. As one of the best ping pong players during his time with CLG, he is always invited to come down if we ever do get that ping pong tournament going!

Thank you to CLG for believing in me and my team to give us the opportunity to prove that we had the potential to become a top team. It's always hard to say goodbye, but especially so with CLG. I've become friends with some incredible people here that I'll miss very much; the memories we've built will be cherished. Thank you to the fans of myself and CLG for going through the emotional blender and still remaining by our side. The kind of loyalty that shows gives me a special appreciation for each of you. As I go in search of new opportunities I ask that you lend me your continued support and I'll make good on my dream to be the best.

- Michael "The" Kuhns

We will be assisting The on finding a new team to call home in the meantime. We wish him all the best and look forward to potentially competing against him in the near future. To our fans, we want to let you know that we are committed to the continued growth and development of our Overwatch team. The newest member of CLG Overwatch will be revealed this weekend in the Overwatch Monthly Melee. The team has rose through the ranks these past several months and we believe that they will only get stronger. We will continue to invest in CLG Overwatch until they are one of the best teams in the world.


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