Shaking Things Up

Counter Logic Gaming is proud to announce that Jack “Shake” Kaplan is the new flex-support player of CLG Overwatch. Formerly a support player with compLexity Gaming, Shake is considered one of the best supports in North America. Shake’s Ana and Zenyatta are excellent and with his addition to the team, we believe that CLG Overwatch will make the next step to becoming world class.

“Shake is one incredible support player. Ever since day one of trialing him, I knew he was going to have a big impact on the team. He energizes and enables the players to play at the best of their abilities consistently throughout the game, while bringing his impressive mechanical skill to the table when it's needed. I'm looking forward to his future and the impression he will leave on our fans!”

- Head Coach Cuddles

Shake has been trialing with the team for the past two weeks and recently moved into the Overwatch team house in Los Angeles. We are excited to see how the team progresses in the upcoming months under Head Coach Cuddles and CLG’s infrastructure.

“I think this team has a ton of potential to grow. I’ve been scrimming with the team for two weeks now. Just from those two weeks I already feel like this team has so much potential to be a top team and dominate the NA scene. Individually we have players that are really talented at their roles and I think our teamplay and just the effort that we put into improving is greater than what most other teams are putting in right now and I think that’s going to pay out for us. To all my fans and CLG fans out there, thank you for your continued support and I hope you cheer us on in our tournaments this month!”

- Jack "Shake" Kaplan

The team will be playing their first match today in the Alienware Monthly Melee! Make sure to watch the games to support the team and see how they match up versus the rest of North America. The team has been on the rise in the past few months and will continue to only get better. Make sure to follow Shake on social media and welcome him to CLG!


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