Community Showcase Winners

Hello, a few months ago we announced the Community Showcase! We saw all the great fan art and videos that our fans were making surrounding CLG and wanted to celebrate them! There were so many great submissions that it was hard to pick the winners. It took quite a while (like a couple months later while), but we have finally picked out our favorite submissions. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work! Without further ado here are our winners!


We love this piece of fanart by meloncollie of the past CLG League of Legends roster as their spirit champion animals! Meloncollie really nailed the caricature of each player with a bit of champion flair. Can you identify which champion each player is masquerading as? Congratulations meloncollie on winning first place in our first Community Showcase!



When we launched the CLG Community Showcase we honestly did not expect someone to compose a song just for CLG! But Emmanuel did just that with this spirited composition of CLG’s legacy defined. It’s an honor to have this composed. Truly epic.



Toaster Kiwi created this piece originally as a t-shirt design for our resident Smash 4 player NAKAT, but it definitely works as a standalone piece of art. Depicting one of NAKAT’s main’s in Smash, Fox, Toaster Kiwi’s artwork is incredibly vibrant captures the charm (and possibly mischief) of NAKAT!



Honorable Mentions

CLG Mosaic Frame by Kelly 

Portrait of Darshan by Bella

CLG Lamp by Tristan

CLG LED Sign by Tyler

CLG Wood Plaque by Cooper

CLG Wooden Logo by Joseph


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