Saying Our Goodbyes and Hellos

Two years ago Counter Logic Gaming added ex-Ubinited to its family of teams under the CLG Red brand. We were happy to have such an accomplished team with a distinguished history in female Counter Strike with CLG. Immediately upon joining, the team won their first Electronic Sports World Cup in 2015 with CLG - continuing their legacy as the best female Counter Strike team in the world. In the past couple years, the team has undergone a few roster changes while continuing to have strong tournament performances. It is therefore with much sadness that we are announcing today that Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey and Klaudia “klaudia” Beczkiewicz will be parting ways with CLG Red.

Missharvey has been with the original Ubinited roster since the beginning and has been an integral part to the team. We want to thank her for her contributions to the team these past two years both as a player and role-model to the future generation of female gamers. Both the history of her part with the team and the impact she had in helping lead it cannot be understated. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

“After 12 years of being on this team, it is finally time to move on. I am looking forward to my next challenge and excited for the new adventure ahead of me. As my journey continues, I would like to wish CLG and CLG RED the best of luck in their endeavors. Thank you to the CLG family, friends and fans for everything you did for me. So long ✌️”

- missharvey

Klaudia is a great CS:GO player and more often than not helped clutch games throughout her time on the team. Unfortunately due to reasons personal to Klaudia that were independent of the game, team, and competitive environment - it was decided that it would be best to part ways. We believe that she can succeed on any team she joins and will no doubt be facing her in future competitive matches.

“Unfortunately, I am no longer a part of the amazing CLG Red, but I am confident this is the best choice for not only myself, but for the girls. I consider all of them really good friends of mine, and I hope they continue practicing and playing how they have been. Good luck CLG Red, thanks for everything, and welcome Jenn and Emy!”

- klaudia

Welcome refinnej + Emy!

We are excited to announce that Jennifer “refinnej” Le and Emma “Emy” Choe will be the newest members of CLG Red! Refinnej and Emy are both young up and coming talents in CS:GO that are relatively new to the competitive scene. Refinnej has previously played a season of ESEA with RTZ Rogue and Emy previously played competitive Call of Duty before starting to play CS:GO on ESEA last year. Both players have immense potential and we are eager to see them develop into stars while competing on CLG Red.

Refinnej has been playing Counter Strike her whole life, and was introduced to the game at a young age by her brother and cousins. She has played Counter Strike 1.6 since elementary school and started playing in ESEA since 2015. We think that refinnej is a young and talented player that will work well with the team and has the ability to help CLG Red to stay on top of the female competitive CS:GO scene. Emy likewise has only recently gotten involved in CS:GO, but looks to learn and continue to grow as a complete player so that her natural talent can be applied to winning games.

“I've looked up to these girls for a long time and when I was asked to tryout, I was full of anxiety and pretty nervous. But I'm so happy to be able to say it went great and now I'm a part of CLG Red. It has always been a dream of mine!”

- refinnej

Refinnej and Emy have both been trying out with the team in the past couple weeks. In the short time they have practiced, they already look to be a great fit. Overall, we are confident in refinnej and Emy and look forward to seeing CLG Red compete. Please welcome refinneJ and Emy to the CLG family! Follow them at  @jennifeerle and  @EmyyCSGO.

“Even though I have little experience in the Counter Strike scene, my teammates have been super informative and helped me a lot. To be honest, it’s still so surreal to me that I am a part of CLG Red. When I started Counter Strike, I would watch their past matches on YouTube and look up to them. I am very confident that it’s going to be a super fun adventure and I’m going to be the best player that I can be!”

- Emy

Welcome Head Coach Cubed

We have also found a new coach for the team and would like to welcome Cody “cubed” Thaw as the new Head Coach for CLG Red! Cubed has previously competed in the past six seasons of ESEA Premier with “Mostly Harmless” and will now be providing the analysis and guidance CLG Red needs to stay on top while continuing to improve.

“I am excited to be a part of an organization that supports its players and staff as much as CLG does. Joining CLG as a coach will be a new experience and I’ll make sure to push the team to practice their decision making - positioning and just sound Counter Strike has a lot of value that most people overlook. I am counting on our fans for their support during these roster changes and look to bring in the results in the future!” 

- Head Coach cubed

Counter Logic Gaming is committed to developing CLG Red as competitors so that they may continue to win tournaments and serve as role models for aspiring female gamers. Follow @clgaming and @CLGRed on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all CLG Red related news.


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