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CLG LoL Academy, formerly known as CLG Black, will be finally competing in the North American Challenger Series (NACS) next week! After being unable to make it in the Spring Season of the NACS, the team spent the next several months training under the guidance of Head Coach Rico to ensure that they qualified for the summer season. We are so proud of Fallenbandit, Omar, Tuesday, Zag, and Fill for taking the small setback as an opportunity to grow and develop themselves into an even better team.

Unfortunately Tuesday will be unable to compete in the first couple weeks of the NACS due to personal issues that need to be taken care of at home. Although the games are online, it was deemed that his ping would be enough of a factor to negatively impact his ability to play certain champions. Tuesday is a talented up-and-coming mid-laner that has grown an incredible amount in his time so far with CLG. We hope to see him return to continue where he left off.

“It's unfortunate that I can't compete with the team to start off the NACS. If I was able to, I would 100% be by their side to start the season. I am more motivated than ever to prove myself as a player and I can't wait to start practicing with the team again. We've gone through alot together and I am not going to let them down!”

- Tuesday

We are pleased to announce that Allen “Linsanity” Lin will be starting in Tuesday’s stead as the mid-laner for CLG LoL Academy. Linsanity recently became the number one ranked player in the solo queue ladder and has previously played on teams such as Team Gates. We believe that Linsanity is a strong mid-laner that can help continue the team’s success and start the NACS off strong.

"We have been practicing with Tuesday for the past five months and made it to NACS, so we are all sad that we can not start this split with him. That being said, I am happy to be able to give Linsanity an opportunity to translate his recent success on the ladder into competitive play as CLG Academy's purpose is to help develop NA talent.”

- Head Coach Rico

CLG LoL Academy’s first matches will start next week on June 7th and June 8th. Despite the setback, we are confident that the team will still be able to hold their own in the upcoming weeks. Thank you everyone for supporting CLG!



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