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We have another great streamer that is now a part of the CLG family! HJTenchi, like TehMorag and iKasperr announced last month, is part of the MainMenu stream team and an amazing variety streamer! We interviewed him last week so that you all can get to know him a bit better before checking out his stream!

Hello! Can you introduce yourself to our fans?

First of all it's awesome to be a part of CLG! I'm really excited about it! I'm a fulltime variety broadcaster streaming fifty plus hours a week - it's pretty much what I do six days a week. I play every single thing I can get my hands on. Anything from ridiculous games like Yakuza, which are fantastic, but ridiculous - to more streamlined games like lately PUG Battlegrounds (I call it PUG Battleground because of the PUGs on the channel). I like doing visual novels from time-to-time for stretch goals. We did St. Jude recently, we hit what I wanted to hit for donation goals and people were like, "Let's keep going!" We ended up having to play To The Moon, which is about memories and makes people feel a lot. I have to this Saturday play Panzer Madels, it's a visual novel where you have to date a girl that is also a tank. I try to play everything, because if I think it's going to be entertaining, it will hopefully be entertaining.

How did you get into gaming?

Gaming is something that unfortunately was there all my life. I say unfortunately, because already at age four, I was playing video games and I haven't put down a controller, mouse, or keyboard since then. It's like my main thing to do is video games - and I LOVE THEM! But I should also probably go outside more.

One of HJTenchi's favorite games growing up! Ness didn't just appear in Super Smash Bros.

What were your three favorite games growing up?

I have a lot of old attachment to an old Super Nintendo RPG called Earthbound or Mother 2. The whole series is great, the original Mother or Earthbound 0 I don't recommend to people as much because it's old school. You throw someone into a gigantic world and it's like, "Oh well! Good luck!" It's a good game though. Earthbound for those of you that do know it is fantastic, and held the test of time. The second one that actually came out recently on I think the Wii U or Virtual Console, is amazing. But there are some crazy adult subjects in there, it gets pretty dark.

Speaking of dark - Doom! I've played all the DOOMs, I love them, they're amazing. The latest one in 2016 - the remake, remaster, whatever you want to call it - was fantastic. I had a great time with that. If I had to pick another series, because I'm really bad about nailing down one specific game would probably be the Yakuza series. No one's really heard of it and everytime I get to stream a Yakuza game people... go... crazy! It's so off the wall, crazy, and wonderful and there's amazing characters. The games have been just getting better and better. There's actually a new one coming out in a couple months. They are remaking the first one from the ground up.

Yeah I remember catching some of the highlights on the different sidequests in Yakuza with crazy storylines.

Ohhh yeah. Oh yeah. They'll have actually actors do the main characters and stuff. They're just really good performances.

You seem to like a lot of old school and unique games - is that what you would say makes your stream unique or is there some other elements to your stream?

The big thing about my channel if I had to boil it down to something is that it's an incredibly relaxed, friendly, and interactive community. It used to be like years ago when I was doing this just hype and there was just craziness, the chat was flying. I've kind of relaxed a bit since and it fits well. You can come in, no one trolls, everyone's cool, everyone wants to help and hangout, I allow backseating for game mechanics. I know that people just want to help sometimes, it's not meant to be malicious. So we can talk about game mechanics and I'll give you what I think and what other people think.

When it comes down to what game I'm playing, oh man that's a toss up. I love unique, I love crazy, I love retro, but a lot of the times I am also playing something that is new and relevant. I won't shy away from any specific game unless it's something I don't think people will enjoy [watching]. So currently I'm playing a game called Darkest Dungeon, the expansion Crimson Court just came out and holy butts it's a nice kick in the crotch there. It's a fun game, but man there's some stress. So I've been playing some Player Unknown's Battleground to alleviate that stress and I might even check out some Final Fantasy XIV. I want people to have a good time, that's my main concern.

Don't play Darkest Dungeon if you get easily stressed.

Yeah Darkest Dungeon is pretty much Dark Souls plus JRPG combined.

[Laughs] That's actually not a bad way of saying it. There's an "easier mode" called Radiant mode that takes some of the grinding out of the game. But man, I pumped it up to the normal difficulty with the new Crimson Court stuff, and man RNGesus does not like me anymore. So it's really funny to see me make a bunch of weird facial expressions I'm sure as I'm crying as yet another character has rabies now.

So you mentioned that your stream used to be about hype and craziness, why did you decide to tone it down and become more the relaxed streamer - one that even allows backseat gaming? I know a lot of streamers hate that.

A lot of it has to do with how things are and how I've changed. I'm older, so I've kind of gone through a lot of everything now. Hopefully the typical way that people mature, [chuckles] we'll see some time when someone comes to the channel and I'm playing a game where you date tanks. I understand from a lot of point of views, and I try a lot to self reflect. When I talk to this person and they had an issue, did I handle it the best way? Sometimes some people are socially awkward, need attention, or sometimes they might be having a bad day. Twitch is such a cool, interactive, and awesome thing as cliche as force-fed as it may sound - I actually do believe it's awesome and everyone has room on the internet, I don't need to covet my viewership and people to do well. If I put on a stream that I think is enjoyable and that people seem to enjoy, and that I do it in a consistent way making my intentions clear that I'm not trying to deceive anybody (however that may happen), the channel is going to grow. Streaming is my life. It makes me so happy and as corny as it always sounds, it just makes me happy to make viewers happy. It's just a fun and enjoyable situation. Video games are great! It's all I do.

So why did you start streaming?

Streaming was like four or five years ago. I was dabbling in YouTube years ago, but for whatever reason I visited Twitch and there was a young lady that was playing one of those unique games. I was like, "Huh the game is interesting and wait this young lady is really cool actually. And wow the community is kind of really cool too!" I didn't have that with YouTube, because YouTube is a little different and more detached. So I was like, "Ahh screw it. I'm going to be playing video games anyway. Let's see if I can do it, make some people laugh and smile, and maybe make some friends during it.

A couple years later I was playing FTL before a PAX convention, and someone asked me why I wasn't partnered. "Uhh, what? I don't... what." Got home, got partnered, and a year later I was like, "I'm going to try this full-time." Almost went broke doing it full-time, but now I think I'm doing well enough. You were asking earlier what you think about streaming as a profession - don't ever do this with the intention of becoming rich and famous. It will not happen for the most part. It can happen for some. The amount of people partnered are like one percent, and the amount of people that can do it full time are one percent of that one percent.

Last but not least, do you follow any esports titles?

I love me some League. I don't play it anymore and I haven't for years, I just don't have the time anymore. League is one of my favorites. Counter Strike is a lot of fun to watch, just to see how people figure out how the AK spray works. You shoot the gun and somehow bullets end up behind you. Someday I'll figure it out.

Anything you want to say to your viewers and CLG fans?

I'm trying not to be cliche, it's just who I am. I've done big events and there's always someone there like, "Dude this guy is super fake." But I'm just annoyingly happy I'm sorry! Just looking forward to CLG fans and my fans working together and hanging out. I look forward being able to hangout in those channels and see more cool esports games in person. Just be annoyingly optimistic about everything and show everyone games you've probably never heard of [Laughs] for better or worse!

Thanks again HJTenchi for the interview! HJTenchi streams from Mon - Sat from 1PM PST to 9PM PST. Check out his stream at www.twitch.tv/HJTenchi!


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