Have Fun With Some CLG Community ARAM!

We'll be hosting a Discord Community ARAM Night on Thursday, July 27th starting at 5PM PST! Sign ups will being today and end on July 26th at 9PM PST. There will be a maximum of 16 teams in the tournament and sign ups will be first come, first serve. All matches will be Best-of-1. Sign up as a team or if you don't have one, we'll make sure you find one! Members of the winning team will receive $10 RP and the title of ARAM Champ on our Discord!

Read the full set of rules before you signup!

Sign Up Information
- Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/1ktFtM1IdIALxUIo1
- If signing up as a team, appoint one player to be the Captain.
​- Teams cannot be comprise of more than three Platinum members.
- If signing up as an individual, you will be randomly assigned to another team and the Captain will be selected randomly.
- You must link your Discord account with the League of Legends account you will be playing with.
- Join our Discord here!
- Please note that in the event there are enough teams to fill out the bracket, full teams of five will be prioritized.
- Sign ups will be first come, first serve.

- Each member of the winning team will receive $10 RP.
- ​You will also receive an additional role as “ARAM Champ” on the Discord.


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