CLG LoL Academy Open Recruitment

Have you ever thought to yourself if given the opportunity you could become the next rising star of League of Legends?  Are you ready to challenge yourself and become better?  If so, CLG is currently doing an open recruitment for our League of Legends Academy Team.  If you have the dedication and hunger to not just be a part of creating the number one League team in the world but carving a path in esports under the banner of CLG then come check us out!

  • You are always striving to become the best and currently hold the rank of Master or Challenger.
  • You are not a one trick pony. You have a diverse champion pool and you maintain an understanding of champions and matchups within your role on a given patch.
  • There is an understanding that to become the best means a lot of dedication and hard work. You are prepared to spend hours a day scrimming and analyzing your game play.  
  • As in any sport it’s not just about the game but it is about building a positive brand and image.  You are prepared to spend extra hours to help CLG at events and promotions.
  • English may not be your native language but communication is important in any sport. Therefore, you must be proficient in both written and verbal English to be considered.
  • What is a team if you cannot be there to bond and learn from one another? Please be able to relocate to Los Angeles!

How to Apply: 
Please email the following information needed below and cover letter to [email protected]! Subject line must include “[LoL: Academy Open Recruitment] Your Name”.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Role:
  • Address:
  • Server:
  • List of Accounts:
  • Social Media (Twitch/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat):
  • Prior experience in competitive League of Legends:
  • List of champion pool:

Cover Letter:

No more than 1,000 words explaining:

  • Motivation for joining
  • Why you would be a good fit for the Academy Team
  • Experience in competitive League of Legends with an Organization/Team

**Should you fail to follow this format; your application will not be considered**
We look forward to reading your applications!


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