We are excited to announce Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa as the new head coach of CLG Counter Strike! Ryu was the former co-owner of Selfless and demonstrated the ability to build numerous successful teams across several esports titles. As a former Counter-Strike player with coaching experience, Ryu has a wide breadth of experience to lead and add value to the team.

“I’m extremely excited to work with an organization as revered as CLG, and can’t wait to get out to the team house and start putting in the work with the team. I’m both humbled and grateful for this opportunity and hope to make the fans proud.”

- Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa, Head Coach of CLG CS:GO

With Ryu at the helm, we believe that CLG Counter Strike can become a championship caliber team. While the team made great strides this year, there were still many setbacks in performance. There will be additional frameworks and systems built to ensure that the team is consistently elevating their play and that everyone is held accountable to the expectations of a championship-level team. “I’m here to get the absolute best out of each and every member of the team — be that the players themselves, the analysts, the support staff, and so on,” said Ryu. “This is achieved through working with the individuals while framing the context entirely around the team, and ensuring the players play selflessly to their own strengths. ‘Trust the call, and do your job,’ is a phrase I’ll be using a lot.”

"Ryu brings a wealth of professionalism, experience, and leadership to CLG. He possess many of the personality traits that I look for in a coach and I believe he aligns very well with CLG’s core values from our conversations. We are excited for what he has to offer and the impact he will have on the team. I look forward to working with Ryu and I am excited for this new chapter."

- Matt “Trinitiii” Nausha, Director of Esports

Counter Logic Gaming was founded and started as a team known for winning. Moving forward, we will take every step necessary to ensure that the Counter Strike team reflects that core identity using all our available resources. Bringing on Ryu to CLG is just the first step and we are confident that it is the right one.

Please give Ryu a warm welcome to the CLG family!

To all the old, current, and new CLG fans, to the fans of Selfless, and to those who have wished me well along my esports journey so far, I can’t thank you enough. You’re the reason we get to do what we do, and I not only recognize that, but am eternally grateful for it.

- Ryu


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