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We are excited to announce Robert “Coach Bobby” John, known to many as “BobbySiege” in the Melee community, as the new coach for our Smash Melee players! Coach Bobby has been a staple in the Smash community and a long time friend of both SFAT and PewPewU. You may know him for his work on the “You’re Watching SFAT” series, but he also has years of experience as a coach under his belt. We at Counter Logic Gaming love the game of Smash, the exciting matches, and the vibrant community. We hope to see the community and sport continue to grow and look forward to developing the infrastructure around the game. Everyone please welcome Coach Bobby to the CLG family!

I’m deeply thankful to CLG for allowing me this opportunity to help push Zac and Kevin to their peaks. Without their support, I would never have been able to travel alongside my boys to these events and see them soar. Please keep supporting PewFat and CLG Smash!

- Coach Bobby


Hey Bobby, how are you involved in the Smash Community?

I’ve been making content in the Smash community for as long as I’ve been competing. Recently, I’ve created series such as “You’re Watching SFAT” and “Vish on the Scene” which can be found on the Muffintank YT channel! 

When did you get into Smash and what experience do you have with coaching?

I started playing Melee a decade ago in 2007. Our mutual friend Chris brought us to our first tournament in Norcal and we were hooked. Zac, Kevin and I would bring our controllers in our backpacks everyday in high school to play Melee in the computer lab.

My coaching career first started as an assistant coach for my father Gary. He would coach the local school’s track and field teams. Eventually my interest in sports became purely in the electronic ones and I became fascinated with the coaches and analysts that guided League of Legends teams. Seeing the impact that coaches like Zikz had on teams drove me to research and better understand what I could offer as a supporting role. Along with Zac and Kevin, I’ve also coached Norcal’s “Pavocado” in Street Fighter V.

How do you plan on coaching SFAT + PewPewU? What does Smash coaching look like?

Smash is a marathon. My job as a coach is to make sure my boys have everything they need to play at their peaks for the endurance of a Melee tournament. Sometimes I feel like the team Dad, giving them Vitamin-C tablets and making sure they stay hydrated.

Of course, most of the work happens outside of the tournament. We will review demos, analyze past sets and make player/character specific matchup notes. We set long-term goals and experiment tournament to tournament to find what sets our performances apart.

Coach Bobby with PewFat at SmashCon 2017

How did all of this come about? What started the path leading you to become a Smash coach?

Zac, Kevin, and I have been friends since high school. We all started playing at the same time and would practice religiously after school. In 2015, Zac approached me to be his coach, right before Press Start. He had been frustrated with recent performances and told me he wanted to win a major. Zac and I worked tirelessly, splitting travel costs so I could attend majors such as CEO and EVO and rebuilding the foundation of his competitive play. In this time, I reached out to Kevin about becoming a full time coach for the two of them and he was happy to accept the support. Eventually financial realities prevented me from traveling with them to majors and my coaching became localized, until CLG contacted me earlier this month.

You’re one of the few official coaches now in Melee. With mid-set coaching being banned in a lot of tournaments, what place do you think coaching has in Smash? What are your thoughts on mid-set coaching?

I’m the fourth coach in Melee behind Splyce’s Cactuar. I believe that mid-set coaching plays a very minimal role in a coach’s responsibilities. I believe in meticulous preparation for a tournament, not mid-set coaching. We make player notes for each projected set we play in bracket and formulate gameplans around them. If I were to come on stage during a set, it would only be to remind Zac and Kevin of the notes we’ve already discussed. A set should be played out between the minds of the players, not the mind of a spectator outside the pressures of gameplay.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the Smash community?

I hope the role of coaching can be accepted widely by the Smash community. Infrastructure like coaches and analysts are the extra push that can make the difference between a good player and a great one. We must be able to accept these new forces that push and pull on the community. If we cannot evolve with the changes to our community, we will stagnate.


Bobby has always done an excellent job of keeping Zac and I fired up and maintaining a high level of focus at events. Bobby is the perfect guy for the job, and I could not be more excited about someone joining our CLG family.

- PewPewU

"I've known Bobby for well over 8 years now and I could not be more enthusiastic about him joining the CLG family. He's been coaching us for the last few years, and it's amazing to finally have the CLG support behind him!"


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