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Counter Logic Gaming took its first step into Overwatch in December of 2016. We were excited about the game and wanted to put in resources to build the best Overwatch team. We wanted a group of players that had the potential to be great, the right attitude to get there, and the drive to compete. In return, we’d help them achieve their goals and have successful careers. When interviewing the members of the original roster, it felt like we were getting more than we asked for. We had later learned that they had spent hours beforehand preparing with an interviewing coach and drilled every member to make sure they could give the best possible first impression. We loved them for that.

When the team made it’s way on stage at MLG Vegas, our players were still relatively unknown. The team had been filming late the night before, just to get the photo and video assets ready for their announcement. It was an exhausting experience, but the players had an infectious optimism and attitude about everything. They were hungry to compete.

We provided a team house within a month of them joining, another cook to help prepare meals, and found an amazing coach in Henry “Cuddles”. Over the next several months the team showed that they could compete with the best in North America. There were doubts amongst the community at first, but eventually after consistently beating some of the top teams, there was no question that CLG Overwatch had made its mark. All of it stemmed from their hard work, dedication to practice, and inner drive to succeed.

We were committed to making CLG Overwatch the best it could be. Many teams in the months prior had released their rosters in order to re-evaluate their position in the esport, but we still believed that the OWL could be the right fit for CLG. After months of discussion however, it was determined that entering the OWL does not align with our goals at the present time and that we will be parting ways with our Overwatch team.

We still believe in Overwatch as a competitive esport. The game is dynamic, exciting to watch, and we look forward to seeing the competitive scene develop.

Our Overwatch players are exceptional individuals. In the time that they’ve been here, they’ve exemplified what it means to be a part of CLG. From the beginning, we have always wanted what’s best for our players. For the past few months, the players have had access to all our resources such as housing, food, and equipment to hone their skills and figure out their next steps. We have tried our best to find new homes for our players and coach in these past months and you will all undoubtedly find out more about their future as the year comes to an end. Some players are already a part of new organizations and we are in the process of finalizing deals for others.

We want to thank Mikado, The, Waffletastic, Hydration, iShiny, Miso, Shake, and Henry for being a part of the CLG family. Thank you for the energy you’ve brought to the organization, your enthusiasm for competition, and professionalism in and out of the game.


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Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is a premier North American esports organization known for its passionate fan base and winning culture. Founded originally in 2010 as a League of Legends team by George Georgallidis, it’s now one of the largest esports organizations in the world. CLG fields teams in all leading esports titles: League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and H1Z1. It is also known for its past success with teams in DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Halo, and Call of Duty. CLG has won multiple championships throughout its history: the LCS Summer 2015 Championship at Madison Square Garden; the LCS Spring 2016 Championship at Mandalay Bay; and the Halo 2016 World Championship in Hollywood, California.