CS:GO Academy Updates

We are announcing today the addition of Gage “Infinite” Green and Zechrie “Xotic” Elshani and  to the CS:GO Academy roster! They will be replacing Viktor “cardiac” Kwan and Michael “mcs” Sullivan who were one of the original members of the CS:GO Academy team. We wish cardiac and mcs good luck in their future teams and thank them for their time on Counter Logic Gaming.

The CLG CS:GO Academy Roster

Alex "aproto" Protopapas
Tyler "Char" Wallace
Jonathan "djay" Dallal
Gage "Infinite" Green
Zechrie "Xotic" Elshani

Infinite and Xotic are both young talents that we hope to see grow and develop in the Academy team. Infinite has been playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive since 2014 and was enthralled by the competitive scene watching the ESL One Cologne Major in 2015. Xotic has been playing Counter Strike since he was 10 and is comfortable with the AWP, while still being versatile in other roles as well.

The two players have already begun playing their matches with the Academy team in the ESEA Mountain Dew League this week. Be sure to check out their matches, follow them on social media, and welcome them to the CLG family!

Gage "Infinite" Green
 @csgo_infinite infinitecs_tv

Zechrie "Xotic" Elshani
 @xotic77 xotic77

CLG is a great opportunity for me as a player with all the support and resources I have behind me and I can't wait to get to work.

- Infinite

I am super excited to play with these talented players, the dedication and willingness to win is beyond amazing!

- Xotic



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