Today we sadly announce we are parting ways with Smash 4 player Tyrell “NAKAT” Coleman. NAKAT was our first foray into Smash 4 and a player that has been with us for over two years. He brought to CLG an infectious love for Smash and content creation that has greatly added to the culture here at CLG. Over the course of these past years, however, the Smash 4 scene has grown rapidly - in infrastructure, tournament prestige, and the level of competition.

"CLG will always hold a special place in my heart. While I believed this season I had been really improving and proving to myself many things regarding myself as a competitor, it wasn't enough to meet expectations. I wish the org best going forward as I search for a new home."


Winning is one of the highest values we adhere to at CLG. There is an expectation from all our teams and players to be the best possible competitors they can be. As the Smash 4 scene leveled up in competition, it was understandably difficult to consistently place well in tournaments. We talked with NAKAT and gave him time in the past few months to work on his game and focus on competing at a high level once again, but unfortunately NAKAT did not meet the expectations of the CLG organization.

“It is with a heavy heart we will be moving on from NAKAT. I would like to thank him for all he has done for CLG and the Smash community. His fun-loving personality will be missed by many here at CLG. I am looking forward to exploring the possibility of adding another competitive Smash 4 player that fits CLG's competitive culture. It is not only important to have players within CLG that culturally align with our values, but to also have players who can fulfill our commitment to winning.”

- Matt "Trinitiii" Nausha, Esports Director

Making this decision was not easy. NAKAT is a friend to all of us here at CLG. We loved joking around with him in the house, the memes his fans made of him, and playing the occasional Melee after dinner (we need to add back the old Smash 4 setup). He has been a great friend and a beloved part of the CLG family. In the end however, we are an esports organization and must hold our teams and players accountable.

We will miss NAKAT and wish him well in his future endeavors. The great aspects that he has added to the CLG culture will persist and we know that he will continue to accomplish wonderful things and spread the joy of Smash 4 moving forward. It’s been an honor having you a part of Counter Logic Gaming. Farewell and thank you NAKAT.

Photo: Scott Levy - MSG Photos


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