Whenever any roster change happens, it massively changes the identity of the team. The best we, as CLG, can do is look forward and work hard to discover our new identity. We'll be adding two formidable players in Reignover and Biofrost to our roster. I have nothing but confidence in both of these players and their ability to perform. Having talked to everyone on the team,  all of our players are very driven to work hard to find our identity and become the best together.

- Tony "Zikz" Gray, Head Coach

We are incredibly excited to announce and welcome Vincent “Biofrost” Wang and Yeujin “Reignover” Kim to Counter Logic Gaming. Biofrost is known as one of the best supports in North America and has won three championships in the three splits of his career. Reignover is an NA LCS MVP and two time EU LCS Champion and is known for his incredible early pathing and jungle pressure. We are thrilled to have these two talented players as our new additions to the roster and wish our fans to give them all a warm welcome to the CLG family.

Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya, Jae-hyun “huhi” Choi, and Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes will continue to fight for CLG on stage and we are excited to have them compete for us in 2018. All three players are veterans, champions, and a core part of what has made CLG so great these past few years. Omar "Omargod" Amin will move back to the CLG Academy team. He is one of the hardest working people and will continue to improve and develop as a player - we are proud to have him as a part of CLG.

The next year of the LCS will be exciting and we know that we have the roster to compete for another championship. We believe this will be the best iteration of CLG yet. Please welcome a new age of CLG:

Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya
 @DarshanU |  darshan |  darshan.up |  /darshan

Yeujin “Reignover” Kim
 @clgreignover |  clgreignover

Jaehyun “huhi” Choi
 @huhi |  huhi |  huhilol |  /huhi

Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes
 @Stixxay |  stixxay |  clgstixxay |  /stixxayx

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang
 @Biofrostlol |  clg_biofrost |  vincentgmd |  /biofrostlol

Having been with TSM for all of my professional career, it's hard to imagine myself being anywhere else. I didn't know what team I wanted to join, but after talking with CLG, I felt confident in their squad and management to take me to the next step in my career. I will forever remember and cherish the times I had with TSM, but I'm optimistic about my future here on CLG. For the CLG fans, I know that Aphromoo has been a critical part of the organization and has been pivotal to CLG's success. I hope you all support me and give me time to prove myself.  I look forward to working with my new teammates to win another LCS championship.

- Biofrost

During my career in NA, I always had a feeling that I would be a great fit in CLG. When I participated in CLG’s 2016 Korea bootcamp, I became even more convinced. I have always liked how CLG approaches the game: minimizing risky plays, making effective moves, being proactive on the map, and their communication. CLG’s process of practice, feedback, and the relationship between players are all exceptional. I like that all the players are very motivated and positive. I am very happy to be able to work with my new teammates and I am 100% confident that I will have great synergy with all the CLG players and coaching staff. Thanks again to CLG for trusting me, and giving me this chance despite my performance in 2017. I will do my best to show and repay even more than what CLG and CLG fans are expecting, individually and as a team!

- Reignover

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