Farewell Mike

Today we are sadly announcing the departure of Mike Schwartz from Counter Logic Gaming. Mike first began his journey in esports as the Player Development Coach of our League of Legends team in February 2016. It has been an almost full two years since and Mike has played an integral role in developing our players and infrastructure here at CLG.

“Essentially, my whole professional career has been working to create value in other people.”

When Mike first came to CLG, the role of a player development coach was still a new and unexplored concept in esports. Mike went in head first, forgoing a career in law in order to pursue an opportunity in esports. He had no direct prior experience coaching esports players or a system to develop people in a formal setting. But as he stated when he first joined CLG, his “whole professional career has been working to create value in other people.” Mike had the drive, discipline, and capacity to develop himself in order to meet the expectations of what it means to be a player development coach. Mike quickly learned how to create the systems and infrastructure for our teams to realize their potential and achieve success.

In Mike's first few months with CLG, he helped contribute in our magical split of LCS Spring 2016 where we became champions with our two rookies in Stixxay and Huhi. Following that, we were able to make North America proud as finalists of the Mid-Season Invitational. Our stint at the LoL World Championships in 2016 was heartbreaking, but we had moments of brilliance. When Mike made the transition to help assist our CS:GO team, he was able to take what he learned during his two splits with the League of Legends team and helped revitalize the CS:GO team. By doing so, he showed his ability to adapt and learn as a professional. Although the CS:GO team never found the success that it was searching for, we believe that Mike still made a positive impact on the team to help elevate their play.

We want to thank Mike for his time here at CLG. We believe he helped shape and define his role not only at CLG, but set an example for the rest in this growing industry. We know that he will continue to do well in the next step in his career and wish him all the best.

"While it’s hard to imagine leaving the place that I’ve called home these past two years, I know that the organization is in good care, and I’m happy that my hands have had a part in shaping not only what it has been, but what it can become. I’m grateful to those that not only gave me the opportunity, but kept encouraging me to grow and push myself while I was here to become a better version of myself. Thank you to the players that begrudgingly listened to me, thank you to the staff that laughs at my terrible jokes, and thank you to the fans that supported us throughout this adventure."

- Mike Schwartz

"I would like to thank Mike for all that he has done for CLG. It has been a pleasure working with him for over the past year. I have been able to watch Mike make large strides in his development during this time. With his strong work ethic I know that he will be successful moving forward. I am personally excited for Mike in his new endeavor and support his decision to expand his work experience."

- Matt "Trinitiii" Nausha, Esports Director


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