Announcing CLG’s LCS Staff 2018

In one week, a historic moment in esports begins with the start of the 2018 LCS season. We are proud to state that we not only have a championship caliber roster going into the new age of LCS, but have one of the best staff and infrastructure to support the team moving forward. Winning will always be the number one goal of our team, but in order to get there - a set of systems and processes must be established to create an environment that breeds success. We believe that our staff for this year have the experience and capability to build upon the systems and culture that has developed over the past years and take them to the next level.


Esports Director: Matt “Trinitiii” Nausha
Head Coach: Tony “Zikz” Gray
Assistant Coach: Zach Goldman
Player Dev Coach: Summer Scott
Esports Medicine + Physical Performance: Matt Hwu
Research Analyst: Brandon “Prymari”
Data Analyst: Jeff Shaw

We would like to welcome and introduce our Player Development Coach Summer Scott, Research Analyst Brandon, and Data Analyst Jeff to our fans as new additions to the CLG LCS coaching staff.

Summer has a background in psychology, graduating from Rutgers University, and has had experience as a performance coach working with teams such as Team Liquid, NRG, and Phoenix1. Most recently she helped Gold Coin United take first in both splits of the 2017 Challenger Series. Summer will be responsible for helping the team compete at their peak level consistently over the course of the season. She has been working with team over the last month during the pre-season and she has been an impactful addition to the team.

"I am beyond excited to be working at CLG," said Summer. "Not only have I been completely supported by the staff in creating a mental skills program for the team, I feel I am at an organization that wants to encourage my personal growth as much as I look to improve my players'. It's a perfect fit. It's surely refreshing to be working with coaches who believe in creating an environment that focuses on structure, improvement, and quality of life. Many teams realize these are the right things to do, but few achieve the environment needed for their players to thrive truly. I've been impressed with what I've seen so far, and it's only going to get better with me on the team!"

Our research analyst, Brandon, joined CLG early in the 2017 LCS Summer Split and has showcased a great ability to spot trends and foresee the ever shaping meta through diligent research and critical thinking. His primary role as a research analyst is to analyze trends across all the major regions and report back to the the coaching staff. Our new data analyst, Jeff, will be joining CLG for the first time this split and is responsible for recording various game data for Head Coach Zikz and Assistant Coach Zach.

We are excited for the start of the 2018 season of the LCS and are confident that our players have the right coaching staff to guide them towards the ultimate goal of conquering both the domestic and international stage.


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