We are sad to announce that Christine “potter” Chi has parted ways with CLG Red. Potter was one of the original Ubinited members that joined Counter Logic Gaming over two years ago in 2015. Since then potter has helped lead the team as a veteran player to several top place finishes, continuing to show that CLG Red is one of the best female CS:GO teams in the world.

“I”d like to thank CLG, Intel, and everyone that was involved with CLG Red. Living and working with everyone for the past two years has been my pleasure. I’m off to a new challenge, but I know I leave CLG Red in a good place. The team has been working hard since we picked up Emy and Jen and I know they will continue to do so! Best of luck to the girls, I love you!”

- Christine “potter” Chi

Under potter’s helm, the team earned their place as ESWC 2015 Champions in July of 2015. They continued to compete in not only women’s tournaments, but open tournaments and leagues as well. Although the team did not achieve what they wanted, they had strong showings at tournaments such as Fragadelphia and Northern Arena. Potter’s AWP skills and leadership helped achieve top two finishes at the Intel Challenge Katowice 2016 and the Copenhagen Games 2016 Women’s Tournament. Potter and the team got their revenge against Team Secret that year in the AnyKey Invitational 2016 showmatch with a dominant 16 - 6 scoreline. In 2017, the team placed 3rd at the Intel Challenge Katowice and 1st in the WESG 2017 USA Qualifier.

We will miss potter’s presence as one of the funniest, but also most skilled and veteran players on the team. Her career in Counter Strike is one of the most decorated amongst female professional players to play the game and we know she will continue to be a force to be reckoned with - this time as an opponent. We have been searching for a new fifth player when we learned we would be parting ways and will let our fans know once that player has been found. Thank you potter for your contributions, fierce competitiveness, and time here at Counter Logic Gaming!


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