Counter Logic Gaming is thrilled to announce today that it has entered Rainbow Six Esports. Rainbow Six is a fast and tactical esport that has grown quickly over the past two years and one that we are excited to be a part of. Our starting roster is comprised of world-class players with numerous accolades between them:

Alex “Skys” Magor
Terrell “England” Lee
Emilio “geoolicious” Leynez Cuevas
Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez
Aaron “Shuttle” Dugger


1st - Six Invitational 2017
2nd - World Finals Year 2 Season 2 Pro League
1st - North America Year 2 Season 2 Pro League
1st - World Finals Year 1 Season 1 Pro League

CLG Rainbow Six will be competing for the first time under the CLG banners in the upcoming major Six Invitational 2018 in February. There the team will compete vs all the best teams in the world that have qualified based on achievements, invited due to strength, or made it through qualifiers. Following the major we will make our debut in the Rainbow Six Pro League and look to pave a new path as champions in a new esport.

Welcome CLG Rainbow Six.


Meet the Team

 skys kidskys |  kidskys

Skys is the captain of former Elevate now CLG roster. As a player, he tries to be tough on himself and is always trying to find ways to improve and will do anything to win. He considers himself to be a blunt person and was not much of a gamer in high school until Rainbow Six: Siege came out. He loves watching football and binge watching shows.

Myself and the team are very honored and excited to represent the CLG brand and start a new beginning with them in Siege. Our goal is simple and that is to bring championships to CLG. We thank all of our current fans for everything and hope they will continue to follow us with CLG. To all the CLG fans we are excited to have this opportunity and hope to make y'all proud.

 englandr6 |  clgengland

England is 20 years old and has been playing video games since Turok: Evolution on the original Xbox.  He got into Rainbow 6: Siege on the Xbox at its release and has been playing with teammates geoolicious and Skys for over the past two years.  He is a fierce competitor alongside his teammates.

To all of our current supporters we hope you guys can understand why we decided to join CLG and can continue to support us, we will not disappoint you guys.  To our new CLG family and its well developed community, we are extremely excited to be with CLG and we can promise our hard work and dedication to becoming the best team in Rainbow 6.

 shuttle |  JShuttie

Shuttle is a young 18 years of age and from Long Island, New York. He is the flex player on the team and also the youngest. He turned 18 in June the day before Season 2 started. In his first season in Pro League he managed to place 2ndHe is known for being a very quiet person, staying cool even when playing in a competitive match. 

I'm happy to be a part of Counter Logic Gaming and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish. There are big expectations and we plan on fulfilling them starting with the Invitational.

 geoolicious |  geoometrics

Geoolicious is 22 years old and has been playing Rainbow Six since its release. He is one of the original members of Elevate that came over from Xbox. He was a part of the roster that won the Invitational in 2017 and came in first in Year 2 Season 2 of the North American Pro League.

This is the dream team we've always wanted since Xbox. We welcome this new chapter in our careers not just as a team, but as a family with all who have supported us thus far.

 llaxing |  TheRealLaXInG

LaXInG is a two time World Champion - winning the first ever Rainbow Six LAN event and the first Invitational. He is a veteran of the scene having played every season of Pro League. Outside of gaming, he likes to hang out with friends in real life and over video games. He loves the gym and considers himself to be a laid back person.

First I'd like to thank the guys here at Counter Logic Gaming for giving my team and myself this opportunity of being able to represent them in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League scene! To my new CLG family I hope I'm able to give you guys not only a new game to get involved into and support but to also give you myself as a player/streamer to follow and enjoy!


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