Counter Logic Gaming is proud to announce its latest addition to the CLG family of esports teams with CLG SMITE! We are excited to be one of the 12 teams participating in the SMITE Pro League. Our new roster consists of skilled players who have finished top three in various tournaments, including a first place finish in the Summer 2017 season, over the course of the past year. Please welcome the CLG SMITE roster!

Alec "fineokay" Fonzo
Alexander "Homiefe" D'Souza
Tyler "Hurriwind" Whitney
Evan "Snoopy" Jones
Connor "Jigz" Echols

"There were many players to choose from when building the roster. A large portion of the professional players were eager to play for CLG. During the process a lot of research went into choosing not only competitive players, but also players that aligned with CLG's culture."

- Matt "Trinitiii" Nausha, Director of Esports

This team has the mindset and work ethic to be one of the best North American SMITE teams. We are currently finalizing prospective coaches to provide the team with leadership and structure. The team will be competing in it's first SMITE Pro League match under the CLG banners on Tuesday, March 20th at 3:45 PM PST vs Splyce. You can watch all SMITE Pro League matches at For more information on the SMITE Pro League, visit

Meet The Team

 fineokay |  @fineokay_ |  dudeimfonz

Fineokay is the solo laner of the team - for our League of Legends fans he's the "top laner." He has been playing competitive Smite for close to two and a half years and only recently started playing in the Pro League in Summer 2017. He loves to stream and make Smite content whether it's guides, gameplays, or discussions. Although he is currently dedicating most of his time to Smite and creating content, he still loves to workout, read, and hang out with friends, family, and fans in his time spent away from Smite!

"I've followed CLG for a long time so to have them enter the Smite scene is amazing, so I am very excited to work with CLG's staff moving forward. I think that we will make the CLG fanbase proud and hopefully you guys can get to know us more and more as the season goes on, through streams, meetups, videos, etc. etc. We are going to try our absolute best to make sure CLG's first season in Smite starts off on a very strong foot and that we as a team represent the CLG brand in the best way possible. Hopefully I'll get to know some of you die-hard CLG fans on a closer basis looking ahead, and to all my current fans already in Smite, thanks for sticking with me through this process and supporting our team through this. Without you guys, this amazing opportunity with CLG wouldn't have been possible. See everyone in the Battleground of the Gods!"

 homiefe |  @Homiefe

Homiefe has been in the SPL for almost three years now and is considered a premier jungler in North America. He is known for his superb mechanics and his hyper carry jungling style. Homiefe enjoys going outside for bike rides, playing games, and spending time with his dog "Hope". 

"I am thrilled to partner up with a legendary organization such as Counter Logic Gaming. Our team's  own values of core friendship line up with the organizations' values perfectly, and we are excited to accomplish great things under their name." 

 Hurriwind |  @Hurriwind

Hurriwind has been playing Smite for about five years, and has been a pro for four of those years. He has been a mid laner since he has have been in the league and has an overall aggressive playstyle. Hurriwind takes pride in being a shotcaller with a straightforward mentality. His ultimate goal is to win the the Smite World Championship. Hurriwind is currently a senior general engineering student at Miami University and spends most of his free time hanging out with his teammates or with his girlfriend playing Smite among other games like WoW and PUBG. 

I am beyond excited to announce that we will be working with CLG for the upcoming year. I can't wait to see what my teammates and I will be capable now that we are under CLG. I know that we are bound for great things together and I hope we can show the league and our fans the extent of what those words mean. 

 snoopy_man |  @SnoopyMans

Snoopy has been a top ADC since the start of the SPL. He's proven that he can switch up the meta when needed and play Gods that others would struggle to fit in the duo lane play style. Being on multiple high placing teams has given him a tenure that is well respected in the community. When not playing Smite, Snoopy enjoys golfing, reading and working on a healthy lifestyle. 

"I can't wait to prove to the community that myself and my teammates are Counter Logic Gaming material. We'll put in a ton of time and get on the grind to be a top team that you can be proud to support!"

 Jigz |  @Jigz

Jigz started playing in the SPL at the beginning of Season 2. After coaching Team SoloMid for the latter half of Season 2, he put together a new team for Season 3 and quickly rose to the top, becoming renowned for his mechanical skill and large God pool. Outside of Smite, Jigz is a part-time university student and spends most of his free time keeping in touch with his musical background, spending time with his family, as well as playing other games such as World of Warcraft.

"I'm stoked to finally announce our partnership with Counter Logic Gaming for the upcoming Smite season. When we learned more about the organization and its values and how well they lined up with how we think, we knew it was the perfect home for us. We could not be more excited to pioneer CLG's legacy in Smite."


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