Overall you’re going to have to run Lion all the time and really be able to work well with him. It’s going to come down to how much you can really abuse his mechanics, ability, and make more things play in your favor. 

In this meta, you need to be running Lion at all times. Why? Lion is extremely OP and very one sided. I mean he basically has wallhacks with the EE-One-D, but you aren’t cheating! Why wouldn’t you want that?

Just because he has wallhacks doesn’t mean you should use it every second you get. You really want to time his ability either with your team pushing someone out of something or keeping the enemy back for a bomb plant. Having your EE-One-D on hand for the right moment is key.

When you aren’t using the EE-One-D, you should play a more passive role because you don’t want to get killed off the bat or mid-round. You should be coordinating with your teammates and setting up the correct plays for you to use your EE-One-D. There are some instances where you will have your teammates droning to make sure of the enemy position and from there have someone post up and get ready to snag a kill from range. With all this going on you can coordinate a push with your teammates and they’ll call on you to use your ability to secure a free pick.

Personally if you are going to be playing Lion for your team, you should always play it safe and passive - which ties into Offense Tip #2. Even though Lion is a monster on offense, it’s not because he outputs anymore damage than other operators, but because of how much he enables your team on offense.

A good example is Thatcher. Thatcher has 3 EMP grenades and for the most part you’ll play passive until you’ve used up all 3 EMPs to clear defensive teams utility, then from there you can be aggressive. So now on the topic of Lion, it’s typically the same thing since you don't want to die as Lion early or waste his ability. But after using his ability you are more than free to play aggressive.   

If you are going to push someone with Lion a really cheeky thing you can do is:

  • Drone out the area you're going to push and leave the drone there. If there is someone there keep your drone hidden from sight.
  • If you’re positive that person is going to hold that spot then from there pop your Lion ability and take a quick glance at your drone to see if they're still posting there.
  • Go in and claim that kill and take hold of that rotation!

Lion can be used as flank watcher and pusher. The ability can be used to pretty much lock people in place and give you enough time to make a rotation and grab them from behind. 


Regardless of what team you’re on, you’re going to have to learn how to adapt to this meta with knowing how to counter Lion and with that comes a lot of set up. These basic tips can help you navigate around Lion when you're on defense!

Roaming while being ‘Lioned’ isn't the most fun but you can make it work by playing close to the bomb site and with another person close by. The farther away you are from the bomb site, the chance you’ll get picked off increases. This is true normally without Lion, but with Lion in play on offense, the risk factor is significantly higher. You want to make sure the distance between you and the bomb site is close enough so that you can escape once tracked.

Here is an example on what locations to hold versus Lion on Oregon and what areas each position should cover:

Minimap from R6Maps.com

There are some instances you can actually bait someone while being “Lioned.” For example if you have a cam and you see an enemy or even hear them next to you, you should make a call out for a teammate to move and bait the enemy. The most natural human response is to look at the outlined player for a second. That second when the enemy is distracted is when you can make the play and get the jump on them.

It’s tricky to coordinate, and takes experience to recognize when you’re in a situation where it will work. But as long as your teammate understands the purpose of the bait, it’s sometimes a risk that’s worth taking.

At the high competitive level, when you are spotted by Lion - the best thing to do is put yourself in a position where you can not get wall banged (shot through walls). Even if you can’t get to a certain spot, narrow down the possible places where the enemy can push or wall bang you from. Keep in mind that when the enemy team is aiming at you, they’ll always put their crosshairs at the upper chest and head level. Use that knowledge to your advantage when finding a position to hold when tracked by Lion.

The one operator that can somewhat directly counter Lion is Mute. By playing Mute and laying down his jammers, you can actually move within the jammers’ radius. You’ll be able to move without getting tracked, but not have complete freedom since you’re restricted to a certain area. Mute isn’t always the best counter since there are certain Operators that are just better situationally. But if you’re in a pinch and want to change things up, try playing Mute.

Lastly, while going against Lion on defense it's extremely crucial that you really hold your rotations and bomb sites. So don't just go constantly moving out of position or wasting your utility. Play it safe, but be extremely aggressive with your holds. 

Hold tight angles and giving yourself a lot of information. Use the majority of your utility on those rotations. When I say “aggressive”,  it’s not so much challenging everything, but rather wasting as much time as you possibly can for the enemy team and making it easier for the site players.

Thank you guys for hanging out with me (LaXInG) and I hope these tips in this OMEN Guide can be useful for your success in this season’s meta! #CLGFIGHTING