Counter Logic Gaming is pleased to announce that Peter “sLainy” Sarvari as the coach of CLG SMITE. He has been a variety of teams for the past few years including Valance Squadron, Eanix, and Noble eSports. During sLainy’s time on Noble eSports, he was able to have an immediate impact on the team and helped the team improve - beating the community’s expectations.

“I'm excited to add sLainy as the coach of the CLG SMITE team. He has been working with the team over the past few weeks and has helped contribute to the team’s success in the SMITE Pro League. He has been assisting in scrims, maintaining internal team structure, and has been working with the team in preparation for pick bans. I look forward to seeing how the team will continue to develop under his leadership.”

- Matt "Trinitiii" Nausha, Director of Esports

CLG SMITE is currently undefeated and in sole possession of first place in the SMITE Pro League. Coach sLainy has been helping the team over the past few weeks during their undefeated run and we are excited to see how the team performs under his continued guidance. When asked what his goals for the team were sLainy stated, “To win. That should always be the goal, to be the best you can be and always carry on improving. I want us to be the best team and be remembered as that.”

"It's such an incredible opportunity to be able to join such a well regarded organization, and I can't wait for the SMITE team and I to prove that we've earned our spot to to try to uphold CLG's long standing reputation of excellence."

- Coach sLainy, SMITE Coach

Please welcome Coach sLainy to Counter Logic Gaming!

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