Due to unforeseen complications during the visa application process, Justin “CaLLzyy” Collier will not be competing this weekend for the start of the H1Z1 Pro League (H1PL) season. CaLLzyy is one of the original CLG H1Z1 members and his presence on the team will be missed for the season opener. We have been doing everything possible to expedite the process and will update our fans as news arises.

John “creanak” Houston will be competing with the team for H1PL during CaLLzyy’s absence.

"I would like to personally thank creanek for stepping in to help the CLG H1Z1 team on such short notice,” said Matt “Trinitiii” Nausha, Director of Esports at Counter Logic Gaming. “The circumstances are challenging but I am confident they will all make the best out of the situation. The H1PL is offering new and exciting opportunities for esports players. We are happy to share this experience with creanek and excited to watch the team play on Saturday. This season we are looking to defend our status as one of the top teams in North America."

We have high expectations for the CLG H1Z1 team during the inaugural season of H1PL and are excited for the season opener this weekend. For more information on the H1PL, check out H1PL.com. The H1Z1 Pro League kicks off tomorrow at 6:15 PM PST and will be live here on Facebook.


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