• UnknownMartian
    Comment with these things:

    State/Province: (Just the state/province in which you're playing league)
    Mb/s: (This is the speed that you signed up for. For example I have 25Mb/s.*)
    Ping: (How much ping you have on average)

    * this is not how fast you download something on lets say... UTorrent. That would be MB/s instead of Mb/s. If that is all you know just take your average download speed on something like that and multiply it by 8. If you don't reach MB/s and only download at KB/s... then get better internet and then come back here with updated results.

    If west players want to comment with their info as comparison I'd appreciate that too.


    Originally Posted by JuiceyJay
    Constant ping is 13, though I had a bad spike up to 18 yesterday.
    This son of a gun... Also don't downvote him because he gets better ping... you're just acting like a little kid if you do that, honestly grow up.
    11 months, 1 week ago
  • Country Manager Chile
    I played from Chile for close to 2 years (~March 2010 to Aug 2011) with an average ping of about 210 (range of 180—250) for a 10 Mbps connection. I then played from Boston, MA for over 2 years with an average ping of about 100 (range 90-130) for a 50 Mbps connection. These days I get about 50 ping from home in Santa Monica, CA (range of 40-60) for a 100 Mbps connection.
    11 months, 1 week ago