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    Hi, I'm from EUW Summonername Grinwolf but I post here because I think Lyte doesnt check EUW Forums.

    Okay long story short, I got deserved chat restrictions of 60, 100, 160 and 300 games recently. I only realized how bad i was behaving on the 300 one though, so i REALLY tried to improve hardcore now. I'm convinced I did an OK job improving, and that my next chat restriction after this would be less than 300.

    Now today, i was at about 160 games left of the restriction, it showed somehow 1 game left, and after that, the chat restriction really got lifted. I was surprised but okay... I played 2 or 3 games being ultra positive because I was happy and I wanted to win.

    Suddenly I got new chat restrictions of the absolutely sick crazy amount of 735 games. This really feels like a hit right into my face. I know that my previous restrictions were all deserved, but this one really is not. I don't say i NEVER called someone out in those 160 out of 300 games, but it really didnt happen too often. I thought maybe the next one is lower, while im approaching a more neutral state on my toxicity level or what its called. Now this. Im really really down. I tried so hard to improve. Did i fail totally, Lyte? Are those 735 really justified?

    I'd rather have my 160 back that i lost to a bug rather than a new one with over 700 games. Will i never be able to chat again?

    Best regards
    8 months, 3 weeks ago
  • Lead Social Systems Designer
    The chat restriction system is going through some tuning. Before, players were confused when the chat restriction system would under-give chat restrictions, so you'd get 10, finish 10 games and get another 10 when the system should have just given you 20 to start.

    The chat restriction system now tries to hand out the right number of chat restrictions in the initial waves. For players that have racked up a lot of consistently negative offenses, it's now possible to basically be "permanently" chat restricted. For many players with 500+ chat restrictions, it's effectively a super harsh, long-term chat ban. Some players say they'd rather be permanently chat restricted than permanently banned and lose their account, so we'll see what's more effective in improving behaviors.
    8 months, 3 weeks ago
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    Originally Posted by RagewolfGG
    Thanks for your reply. I for sure prefer being chat restricted over losing my account. Did you check my latest games? Did I improve? Do I have a chance to ever get out if I keep behaving like I did in my last 200 games or so? Or am I really perma chat restricted, it just says 700 and after this it will say 1500? The system always gave me large amounts, I was just too stupid to take it seriously unfortunately.
    I don't have access to some account tools here so I can't check; however, the chat restriction system is far more accurate in how many games you'd have to show neutral or positive behavior to reach a neutral state. So, theoretically if you finish the 700 games and have improved throughout the process, you'd be in neutral status.
    8 months, 3 weeks ago
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    Originally Posted by Totalwanabe
    chat restriction is just a bad idea for a game base around teamwork and if the team want to keep that they should remove the not communicating report since i am pretty sure that it count toward chat restriction and not toward a ban with the new system.
    This is a pretty common misunderstanding. For players that are being chat restricted, a lot of their communication wasn't enhancing teamwork, or improving player experience anyways. In fact, players being chat restricted tend to do the opposite--they inhibit teamwork, create negative experiences, and frustrate teammates.

    Furthermore, we see about 75% of players improve their behaviors after their 1st set of chat restrictions, and many toxic players win more games during chat restrictions... so I don't agree that chat restrictions are a bad idea.
    8 months, 3 weeks ago
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    Originally Posted by Thales
    I'm a big fan of chat restrictions as a system, and I think they're an excellent way to pursue reform, but I'm really unconvinced these 500+ game restrictions are a good idea. If I had a 50 game chat restriction, I'd look at it and realize that it was going to suck, but if I actually made an effort to improve my behavior, I could get past it and move on.

    With 500 chat restrictions, I'd be effectively permanently restricted. I would have no incentive to improve my behavior because my reform cannot better my situation. In fact, rather than continue to play on a permanently crippled account, I'd probably just make a new one. Is there some factor I'm missing?
    The factor you're missing is that only players that have shown they haven't improved with smaller sets of chat restrictions will get huge "permanent" sets of chat restrictions.

    75% of players tend to improve after a smaller set of 10-20 chat restrictions, but those that don't improve tend to get chat restrictions repeatedly. Sometimes, we'll permanently ban these accounts if they show high severity offensive behaviors, but if the behaviors are low severity, we're going to try permanently chat restricting the accounts instead of just permanently banning them.
    8 months, 2 weeks ago