• JadenRileyAM
    I dare you to post my chat logs! After the game I got a notification saying that I had been honored for "teamwork" and two for "honorable opponent". Any proof as to why this happened?


    9 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Lead Social Systems Designer
    How dare you say stuff like this:

    [12:21] Summoner1: i am sorry i did so much better last time. this is my first game tonight
    [12:34] Summoner2: its ok man its just a game
    [12:36] Summoner3: sio sad
    [12:38] Summoner4: they are low on health
    [12:50] JadenRileyAM: all good man, draven adn I got this
    [12:59] Summoner3: no one is hating on u
    [29:21] JadenRileyAM [ALL]: sorry ahri
    [29:28] JadenRileyAM: tried to save you

    Why are you trying to become a better player here? That's crazy:

    [13:17] JadenRileyAM: same
    [14:39] JadenRileyAM: gj
    [18:07] JadenRileyAM: lesson learned, ignite before ult
    [20:11] JadenRileyAM [ALL]: gg
    9 months, 2 weeks ago