• Yordle Princess

    third time in 1 month
    10 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Live Services Manager - Europe
    What happened? Were you disconnected from the ongoing game or never actually started one?
    10 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Live Services Manager - Europe
    Originally Posted by Now I Play Naked
    You my dear got drophacked, thats why riot stopped responding. They are trying to cover up these stuff. They dont want to admit that individual players are smarter than entire RIOT team.
    Ghost game doesn't mean a drophack. We performed some network changes earlier this week, so I was looking for some more info about this particular incident. Current client build might have a problem (not confirmed yet) where sometimes the game is failing to load, I was curious whether this is the problem here.

    And no, we don't try to hide drophack activities. We're clear it's happening and we put a lot of efforts to stop it or to minimize the impact. And it's not only LoL, it's affecting most of the online gaming platforms. LoL is large and competitive, so this activity is visible more than anywhere else.
    10 months, 1 week ago