• lolaism
    I have 999 normal wins atm and wanted my 1000th win to be something special.
    I already played a few games trying the bravery mode with 4 other friends, we didn't win though, and after that I went to the Gamescom and tried asking a few rioters there but unfortunately I didn't see many running around and those who did were from a different region or just didn't have any time in the near future (but the gamescom itself was really awesome!).
    Also, one rioter told me that I should just go to the forums and ask there, so here I am now

    PS: I only have 2 days of vacation left and my friends are already a bit mad at me for not playing normals for a few days now, so it would be awesome if the game could be played within the next 2 days.
    (Also I don't care how good you are, I'll carry anyway Kappa)
    10 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Senior Systems Administrator
    Sure we can do a game sometime. Do add and we figure this out.
    10 months, 2 weeks ago