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    Can someone explain to me how I can get 25 teamwork commendations this week and people praising my play then i get a 2 week ban. Let's not forget I havn't been banned in a year so the punishment seems stupid severe.

    But it seems the only games where huge arguments break out in game is where you have that duo on your team. They do their duo reports on people everytime they lose their lane.

    They go adc teemo or some **** like that and say "trust me".

    Remove duo que and toxicity in ranked will drop ridiculously.

    I was shocked to see "your account has been banned" after my win.

    All those commendations must mean absolutely nothing. People praising my teamwork and attitude must mean nothing. The only thing that matter is duo reports from kids that play teemo adc or ignite adc
    10 months, 1 week ago
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    Although you may have gotten commendations in a few games, you showed excessive toxicity in other games that resulted in a direct escalation to a 14-day ban.

    For example, you threatened to feed, used sexual slurs like calling people c*nt ass allies, toxic b*tches and more. The community generally agrees this type of language needs to stop.
    10 months, 1 week ago
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    Originally Posted by jaymc1130
    Yeah. I've been banned for it and similar statements. There was a time when tribunal offered ip rewards for participating in judging players but only if you judged them with the majority. For a good period of time this lead to tribunal spamming punish votes (I'm complicit here as well, free ip is free ip) since it was the most likely outcome and thousands of players were unjustifiably banned. Don't get me wrong I've been justifiably banned as well (most of the time, ok every time but once), but the simple fact of the matter is I was once banned after being reported 11 times in 5 games where I had positive kda, filled every game, and typed in chat only twice (at this point I had stopped typing altogether to keep from being a jerk), one time to ask the team for mass ward purchases after we lost all vision after a bad baron fight, and one time to tell the team if we stay separated and don't group we are about to throw this game. I was reported by duos in 3 of these games when I literally said not one word and carried the team. My post game chat consisted of my standard "gg wp all". So yes, players have been banned for saying to buy wards. And before you ask, yes I sent in a support ticket and yes riot overturned my week ban on this occasion... After 5 days had passed...
    Err, no one is banned for saying "buy some wards." No one. Happy to look into your case if you think that happened.
    10 months, 1 week ago