• AvG Xpeke
    Heya there! so i transferred recently (2 days ago) to this server from euw, and i rly like it here, sooooo much less flame here, although it's kinda bit more skilled (challanger is around low diamond on euw) (not my words, i checked sooo many forums and statistics etc) but it's due to the population here but i don't honestly care, as the people here make game MORE than enjoyable! so thx for all u guys out there that makes this server awesome <3 and was wondering who the rioters here :3 would be cool if i could add u guys and maybe do a game or 2 with u, would be rly awesome! <3 thx so much!

    AvG Xpeke!
    9 months, 3 weeks ago
  • Community Coordinator
    Welcome to EUNE, AvG Xpeke!

    I think this server is really friendly too, but I also find that if you go somewhere with a positive attitude you're more likely to get a friendly response too. The same as if you go somewhere and start flaming, you're more likely to get people flaming back at you. XD

    Riot Moonleaf and I are on EUNE fairly often, there are a few other Rioters too! Hope to see you on the Rift! ^_^
    9 months, 3 weeks ago